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Golden Recruiting Wire: Receiver Coverage

Let's take a closer look at some of the receivers the Bears are after in 2014.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

If there was one player that I absolutely had to do a write up on, it would be Snoop Dogg's son.

Well today is that day. As Avi recently discussed in his post yesterday, Cordell Broadus, son of Mr. Snoop Dogg himself, is one of the most sought after receiver recruits in the country. In reviewing Broadus' statistics, I have to say that it's a bit surprising that he elected to play at Gorman and not his dad's alma mater, Long Beach Poly. Both schools are national powerhouses. Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas may be a bit ahead of Poly in terms of recognition these days, but that's all entirely subjective.

Anyways, as it stands now, Broadus is receiving intensive attention from all of the PAC-12 schools, as well as some of the more national powerhouses, including Florida State, and Notre Dame. The good news is is that Cal does appear to be in the mix for this consensus ESPN top 100 recruit. Regardless, I still think our chances aren't great here, but it's fun to dream. Broadus seems to be fairly enamored with the Seminoles and their early offer.

As well as USC.

Here's the tape:

I am thoroughly impressed with his athleticism. I'm not a huge fan of all the media stuff in the beginning of the clip, but the young guy can play. Nice speed, nice agility, but what stands out to me most is his strength. He's pretty physical, and they weren't lying when they said he could block and hit. Check out 1:35. He looks like he even plays with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Overall, I think he would be a great pick up. He seems intent on making his own identity, and not just being thought of as Snoop Dogg's son for the entirety of his career. As I said before, I don't think we have much of a chance; I personally think that this has USC written all over it. But it'll be fun to watch and see what happens with this kid's recruitment.

Christian Kirk, Saguaro (Scottsdale AZ).

This guy was Luke Rubenzer's top wide receiver at Saguaro. He's one of the most wanted players in the country, clocking in a #36 overall recruit by ESPN. He's got almost every top program in the country after him, and for good reason too. Although only around 5'10, 195, Kirk has some serious speed. He's advertised as a wide out/athlete, but can line up at a number of different positions on both sides of the ball. Great overall athlete.

We offered him way back in March of last year. He hasn't shown any particular interest in becoming a Bear; no official or unofficial visits have happened nor have they been scheduled. Obviously, our best card to play is that we have his high school QB playing for us, and that our offense is almost exactly the same as the one he plays in at his school currently.

Kirk's highlight tape is extremely impressive. The opening punt returns remind me a lot of Desean, and Kirk definitely looks like he has the speed to be a dangerous special teams player on the next level. Although I think our chances for getting him are a bit slim, I would love to see him at WR for us. He appears to be adept in running this style of offense. Like his high school team does, he would also be an awesome guy to put in the backfield for a running play every now and again. Urban Meyer did this with Percy Harvin a lot at Florida and it was incredibly powerful. Harvin arguably won the BCS championship game against Oklahoma by playing in the Gator's backfield as a running back.

Overall, Kirk would be an enormous pickup if we could manage to grab him. Perfect fit for our system, and would be a great compliment to Treggs and Harper if they are still around when he gets here.

Trent Irwin, Hart High School.

Also, as Avi mentioned in his previous post, Irwin is teammate for Brady White, one of the QBs that we're recruiting heavily at the moment. This obviously makes this recruit a bit more intriguing; if we get White, would we also get Irwin? That would be pretty nice..

Irwin is a strong recruit in his own right, just cracking the ESPN top 300 players for his class. He doesn't boast many offers yet, but all of the ones he does have are from strong programs, including our own. I love the fact that our coaching staff was proactive and went out and gave this kid an offer early on in the process. We did the same thing for White. That sends a message, and says that Cal is interested in both of them remaining teammates in college. Most recruiting services project us having a fairly decent shot at getting Irwin.

Apparently Irwin and White did a lot of impressing at a Stanford camp not too long ago. This doesn't bode all too well, but I'm not putting any stock in losing these kids to the Cardinal until the Cardinal offers both of them, which it hasn't.

Irwin is a good sized receiver with a rangy body type. A long strider, his height doesn't encumber his speed at all, and looks to be one of the fastest guys on the field in his highlight tape (he takes a couple of punt returns to the house). Irwin also looks to be a good route runner with soft hands. Overall, not the same raw ability as we see with Kirk, but still impressive. I see him developing into a solid possession receiver at the next level. He would be a nice grab for Cal simply because our strongest receivers are on the smaller end of the spectrum. Maurice Harris is a promising up and comer, but I would definitely love to see more big bodied receiver types in our offense. I think that would give Goff a bit more room for error in terms of accuracy; bigger receiver, bigger target, and vice-versa of course.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the work week everybody.