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Golden Nuggets: The Bears look to rebound after the loss to Stanfurd

Let's see what the coaches and players had to say after losing to Stanfurd and in preparation for Washington State.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

At this week's press conference, the team discussed their Wednesday night game against the Cougs.

Montgomery described the approach that he's taking with leading the team.

Monty then chatted about some of our individual players, including freshmen Jabari Bird and Kameron Rooks.

Speaking of Rooks, the seven-foot freshman had some mic time of his own to discuss his goals with the team.

Rooks and Ricky Kreklow joked about losing weight as a student-athlete and the hardships of travel as a tall basketball player.

And a big congratulations to Coach Jack Clark, who will be inducted into the US Rugby Hall of Fame, and deservedly so. Check out that link for some more quotes from prominent individuals sharing their opinions on Clark, like our Athletic Director, Sandy Barbour. And if you haven't already read Lindsay Brauner's stellar piece, Known By His Deeds, check it out for a closer look at the Cal legend.

"Jack Clark is very deserving of this recognition as he has been a loyal, devoted and tireless leader and educator who continues to make his University proud with the ongoing success, on and off the pitch, of the Cal varsity rugby program," said Cal Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour. "His success has been unmatched in collegiate athletics, and his student-athletes carry the Cal rugby ethos that he instills to achieve greatness in their post-collegiate careers as vibrant contributors to the global community. His stewardship of the oldest intercollegiate sport on our campus has been unparalleled. We are extremely proud of coach Clark's induction into the Hall of Fame and congratulate him on his past and future success and contribution to this proud community."

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