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Cal football: Kenny Lawler, Bryce Treggs, Chris Harper, all our wide receivers coming back?

I sure hope so.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears are lacking depth at many positions. Wide receiver is not one of them. Cal had one of the most productive wide receiving corps in the country this season.

  • Cal had three wide receivers with 50 catches or more, four wide receivers with 45 catches or more, and eight receivers with 20 catches or more.
  • Five of the receivers scored five touchdowns or more, and all of our top eight receivers hit the end zone at least once this season.

So there were some genuine concerns that this productive group might break up a little early.

Even though I doubt any of our current Bears are really at a level where they're assured to be NFL draft picks, there is definite talent there, and the trend with our players is that they have declared early when they sniffed the prospect of even being a mid-range draft pick.

However, early hints are promising that this group of players will be different.

Bryce Treggs tweeted these two posts in succession.

And Kenny Lawler's dad has tweeted this.

Lawler, Treggs, and Chris Harper were the three Bears most people were wondering about when it came to staying and going, so these tweets are very promising. As deep as Cal is at the position, imagining this corps coming back and teaming up with Jared Goff for a third season is something I wouldn't want to miss. This Cal offense took quantum leaps last season and could be poised to be something special next season.

We probably won't know for sure for a few more weeks after returns on draft stock are received, but start planning on the whole band of wideouts being back together next season.