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Jeff Tedford wants Oregon State job. Does Oregon State want him?

The darkest timeline unfolds.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I want to put the Jeff Tedford era behind us. It was a good era. I enjoyed almost all of it. But it did not end well, and it was time to move on, and we are still picking up the pieces. I wanted to put this behind us and wanted Tedford to move on

Noooooppppe. There was a rumor he wanted to coach, and now he's ready to come back to the Pac-12. And in our own division no less.

Tedford is very interested in the Oregon State job to replace Mike Riley, although it remains to be seen if Oregon State is interested in him. Ken Goe has the story.

Former California coach Jeff Tedford is excited about the potential of the Oregon State football program, his agent said Saturday.

"Jeff thinks it's a destination job," Tim Younger said. "He wouldn't go to Oregon State to look to go somewhere else. He would go to Oregon State to rival Oregon."

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Oregon State decide to take a look at Tedford. The Beavers are going to have a hard time attracting a hot candidate, and right now there aren't really many hot names out there that could really be asked to come in and produce. Tedford is known for injecting a program with immediate life and getting things turned around in a hurry at Cal.

But if he didn't, he'd still be in a low-stress environment. Oregon State is not a program that will demand eight win seasons on a regular basis--they'd be happy with some bowl teams and an occasional challenging of a Pac-12 title, and that'd more than meet the expectations of a beleagured Beaver program. A Tedford experiment would be very interesting to behold.

Your thoughts on this latest development?