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Jeff Tedford is healthy, out of the NFL, and reportedly wants to coach a college team

Hey, that Oregon State job is open isn't it?

Phil Carter-USA TODAY Sports

To say it's been a tumultuous year for Jeff Tedford is understating it. At long last, he looked ready to reboot his career as an NFL offensive coordinator with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With a stable defensive mind like Lovie Smith at the head of the table, Tedford could focus on the offensive side like he probably always wanted to, and gameplan like mad.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Tedford's lingering health issues that plagued him at the end of his tenure at Cal resurfaced before the first game of the season, leaving Marcus Arroyo to handle the playcalling duties as well. The Bucs eventually announced today that Tedford will not be returning and has been released from his contract.

The good news! Tedford is extremely healthy and seems ready to keep on coaching.

And look at that! He wants to coach in the college ranks.

And hey, he might even want to return to the Pac-12!

This is great! This is all really great.

Here is Tedford's closing remarks with the Buccaneers.

"My wife and I want to thank the entire Buccaneers organization – from the Glazer family, to Head Coach Lovie Smith and General Manager Jason Licht – for all the faith and confidence they expressed in me. I will always be grateful to them for the opportunity to participate in the off season program, the draft, free agency, training camp, the preseason and the beginning of the regular season. I have built friendships here with administration, coaches and players that will last a lifetime.

“When my health issues arose, I simply tried to ignore them and then I made the mistake of twice trying to come back too early. At that point, the organization proposed, and I agreed, that an indefinite leave of absence would allow me the proper amount of time to rest and rehabilitate myself. I am happy to state that I’m healthy now and feeling great.

“The Buccaneers have been very accommodating to me and my family during this time and, while they left the door open for a possible return, I feel that coming back at this point would disrupt the trust and continuity that builds throughout the season in offensive meeting rooms and on the sidelines. Quarterbacks Coach Marcus Arroyo, along with the rest of the offensive staff, had to step up and shoulder the load and they have done a great job under very difficult circumstances. I simply could not, in good conscience, become more of an obstacle to Lovie, to Marcus, the offensive staff and the whole organization – after all they have done for me. You just can't go backwards. I can see that they are so close to turning the corner and I don't want to hinder that progress.

“Therefore, I have decided – with the organization's blessing – that it would be best if the Bucs moved forward without my return and I, now healthy and stronger for having gone through this temporary setback, will pursue other opportunities.

I would also like to express my deep gratitude to all of the Bucs fans who expressed their support, best wishes, and prayers for me during this season. I wish the entire Bucs organization and fan base great success and there will always be a very special place in my heart for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "