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Golden Nuggets: Were Jeff Tedford and the Golden Bears cursed?

Pondering how Jeff Tedford and Cal only made it to mid-level bowls while loaded with NFL talent.

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of the NFL season and the college bowl season, this time of year always raised the great question of how the Golden Bears managed to do so little with so much talent. Vice Sports ponders if the Golden Bears and Jeff Tedford are cursed and fated for mediocrity at best.

Indeed, the half-decade long suffering runs deep in blue-and-gold-blood, the heartache echoing from recently-renovated Memorial Stadium. But the tragic compound for Golden Bears boosters these days comes every NFL Sunday via Fox, CBS, and NBC; an agonizing reminder of how close they came, the talent of two-a-days gone.

Because in no uncertain terms, Cal has taken over the NFL, with a decade's worth of Holiday, Las Vegas, Armed Forces, and Emerald Bowl banners to show for it, leaving behind a solemn, lingering question: if the Bears couldn't smell roses during the Jeff Tedford era, can they ever?

With our current Bears spending the holiday season at home instead of at practice and our old Bears dominating in the pros, will the Golden Bears ever make it to the Rose Bowl or is the curse real?


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