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Does Cal football have the greatest wide receivers in the country?


Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

TwistNHook: I love me some Cal wide receivers. But enough about me, what are all y'alls (correct usage!) thoughts here?

Berkelium97: Wouldn't it be y'all's, since it's possessive?


TwistNHook: 1. You do not understand Southern lingo.

2. If you want to ruin everything ever, "all y'alls" stands in for "all of your," which doesn't have a apostrophe.

Sam Fielder: Technically it should be "what do all y'all think here?"


TwistNHook: Alabama is a different dialect than South Carolina!

Sam Fielder: I can speak Cackalacky too!

TwistNHook: This roundtable has really gotten off to a real efficient start!

LeonPowe: All y'all are a bunch of fools.


boomtho: Efficient response, our receivers are the bestin the conference and WSU can go coug themselves if they disagree!

TwistNHook: Best in the conference? Or best in the world?

Leland Wong: We went into the season knowing we'd have a very talented and deep group of receivers and we end the season showering them with even more praise now that we have finally seen how good Trevor Davis is. At one point in the season, we had different receivers leading the team in touchdowns, receptions, and yards, which is great. Having such a deep group helped our offense become so potent. We had endless depth and didn't sweat minor injuries because "next Bear up" finally applied with this group. Defenses couldn't key in on one guy or someone else would beat them. The only drawback to this even ball distribution is that it limits statistical production for any one receiver, which may make it harder for someone to gain national recognition for any awards or NFL scouting. Hopefully, all of our receivers are mature enough to focus on just helping the team and that their true talent will get them recognized.

TwistNHook: Ya, we definitely had a stacked deck here. I mean Stephen Anderson, who was sort of our possession receiver, had almost 50 receptions on the year. We had 3 different receivers with over 50 receptions, too. Here are the stats:

Kenny Lawler 54 701 13.0 49 9
Stephen Anderson 46 661 14.4 75 (TD) 5
Chris Harper 52 634 12.2 41 6
Bryce Treggs 52 583 11.2 80 (TD) 6
Trevor Davis 24 399 16.6 76 (TD) 5
Daniel Lasco 33 356 10.8 92 (TD) 2
Darius Powe 20 328 16.4 60 (TD) 1
Maurice Harris 25 252 10.1 30 2
Raymond Hudson 8 124 15.5 38 0
Khalfani Muhammad 7 63 9.0 41 0
Vic Enwere 2 18 9.0 11 0
Matt Rockett 3 18 6.0 7 0
Luke Rubenzer 1 9 9.0 9 0
Lucus Gingold 1 5 5.0 5 (TD) 1
Tre Watson 1 1 1.0 1 0
Totals 329 4152 12.6 92 37

Harper, Lawler, and Treggs all had amazing seasons. Davis was averaging the highest avg on the team at 16.6. He would have certainly had many more receptions had he not missed those games after his injury in the UCLA game. What I also love are all the super long long TDs, including Lasco's 92 yard (longest TD pass ever) one. That showed the explosiveness of this group.

Powe/Harris would be standout WRs on other teams and are buried on the depth chart here. Powe's avg was only .2 lower than Davis' was. This is a sensational group and I look forward to more greatness next year.

Avinash Kunnath: Cal has a really, really, REALLY good core of wide receivers. If they all come back, this should be the best passing offense in the Pac-12.

Kenny Lawler: This man is the master of the trash can drill. Any solid route by Jared Goff thrown his way can be put in a place where only he can get it. Lawler needs to get a little more top-level speed to get those crucial yards after the catch, but the amount of circus plays he has been able to make this season astound.

Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper: It's crazy how similar their games are, so it made sense to put one of them inside and one of them out. Both are excellent route runners who can handle most of the receiving tree and are our best technicians by far.

Trevor Davis: He was the spark we needed on offense to really take shots downfield. I hope Goff finding Davis streaking down the sideline fast becomes a staple of our offense next season. Until Cal proves it can get explosive running plays, this connection is our best bet for quick scoring shots and fast drives.

Stephen Anderson: Felt like anytime we needed a crucial 3rd down conversion, Goff turned to the least heralded of the bunch. Anderson was just a perfect complement to this bunch in a way that Richard Rodgers never felt integrated. Anderson could stay in the middle and haul in every intermediate throw, while the other receivers occupied most of the traffic.

Except for Lawler (who will probably turn pro next year), all of these wide receivers have one more year of eligibility next season. I expect Erik Brown to get into the mix a little bit, Ray Hudson to get more integrated as well, and Darius Powe and Maurice Harris are solid backup options.

This is the best receiving corps we've had in seven years. Enjoy it while you have it.

TwistNHook: It's a bit sad that we had this level of talent at WR (amongst other offensive talents) and we won 5 games. Hopefully, next year, our D will be improved and we won't waste this crop of WRs for another year.  The question is, of course, are these guys more talented than DeSean, Lavelle, and Co. They seemed more talented because a)DeSean is/was an otherworldy talent and b) those teams were generally more successful than these days. But I bet top to bottom, this crew is more talented than mid aughts time.

Avinash Kunnath: Tough to say and probably a whole bigger discussion. I'd say that this group is deeper, but Desean is an NFL all-pro, Stevens has been in the league forever, and Lavelle proved he is NFL caliber with a few stints in the league. I'm not sure I can say that any of our current crew is at that level. Maybe Lawler eventually. Harper and Treggs feel like rotation wideouts but I can't be certain. Anderson could be a perfect slot wide receiver given time. Their futures are far murkier than Jackson and Hawkins (and RoJo floated in the CFL too!).

Honestly, going 7-6 with that crew of wideouts was far more frustrating than going 5-7 with this team. There were clear deficiencies with our Bears this year, we should have done way way better in 2007.

HydroTech: Harper probably has the best shot at the NFL. He's not anywhere as all-world talent like Desean Jackon was for us, but Harper is an elusive receiver who can be productive with enough effort and determination. I could see Harper being a late round pick in the NFL draft based on his current resume. At the very worst he'll probably be a highly sought after free agent if he goes undrafted.

Treggs came to Cal as the highest rated WR commitment since Desean Jackson. Unfortunately, we haven't seen the same level of production from him although I don't think that's entirely his fault either. Treggs came to Cal at a time when there was a lot of offensive turmoil (2012 and 2013). He's stayed with the team despite all the difficulties which I appreciate as a fan. I hope he gets rewarded with a shot at the NFL but I'm having a hard time finding something about his game which really pops and makes me think that a NFL team will want him enough to spend a draft pick on him. Right now he's a solid college WR, but he has one more year to show that he's an exceptional WR.