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Cal football end-of-season awards: Daniel Lasco the MVP, Jared Goff with special recognition

Here's a list of the recognized players.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears had their end-of-season banquet at the Orinda Country Club this past weekend, and many of the players were awarded.

Special Recognition Award – Jared Goff

Usually upperclassmen receive the majority of hardware, but special recognition had to go to a special season from Jared Goff. Goff set numerous school records this season.

Most Valuable Player – Daniel Lasco

Lasco returned the roar to the run game in Berkeley, and helped power the Bears to some crucial wins, particularly against Oregon State in Corvallis. Lasco will be the centerpiece of a powerful run attack in 2015, and if he can keep on improving the Bears will be hard to stop offensively.

Joe Roth Award (Player Who Best Exemplifies Courage, Sportsmanship and Attitude) -- Austin Clark

Gotta give it up to Clark. After earning a scholarship, then having to miss most of his Cal career due to injury, he got a sixth-year waiver and played ten games this season. He deserves this for his perseverance.

Brick Muller Award (Most Valuable Lineman) – Mustafa Jalil

Well deserved. Jalil returned from two years of injury and anchored the middle. Hopefully next season he'll be even more imposing and dominant and keep the Cal run defense on the upswing--the Bears were definitely much stronger here than they were last season, much of it thanks to Jalil.

Bob Simmons Award (Most Valuable Freshman) – Noah Westerfield

Westerfield actually came in and showed the potential of being a future disruptor in the pass rushing game. Keep an eye on him for being a feature staple at defensive end.

Clint Evans Trophy (Most Intense Freshman Competitor) – Luke Rubenzer

Rubenzer came in the first game of the year and helped us win a crucial road football game. Imagine where this program is right now without that first week performance. Big ups to a player we'll see plenty of in the upcoming years.

Ken Cotton Award (Player Who Displays The Most Courage) Stephen Anderson

In our highly talented group, it was Stephen who stepped up and made some of our biggest catches this season. Anderson was actually under consideration for the Bulsworth, an award given to the best performing player who was originally a walk-on.

Ted Agu Community Service Award (Player Who Is Consistently Involved In The Community) Antione Davis

Davis works in the Cal football community events every week.

Most recently, the squad made a visit to New Highland Academy in Oakland where they played alongside K-3 youth. Later, the team spoke at an assembly about all the positive outlets that are available in both athletics and academics, and held a Q&A session.

"We really emphasize no hazing and no bullying when we talk to these kids," said defensive end Antione Davis. "I think they really listen because they see that we are also human. I want them all to know that they still have time to go down the right path."

Davis and Clark have grown to be Parker’s "go-to guys" for the team’s Monday afternoon community outreach.

Bob Tessier Award (Most Improved Lineman) – Alejandro Crosthwaite

Kudos to Crosthwaite for stepping up into a difficult role and giving it his best all season. He started at guard all season and became quite the bulldozer for Lasco and company to step in and explode for big runs in 2014.

Andrew L. Smith Scholarship (Senior Player For Academic Excellence) – Chris Adcock

This is your Academic Heisman national semifinalist and starting center who might also be on his way to medical school.

See ya later Cal undergrad. Almost got to 200 units (185)

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Andy Smith Trophy (Player With Most Big C Playing Time) – Steven Moore

Moore is a legit tackle and has proven it with the amount of time he's gotten on the field. I hope Cal can find a second tackle to maximize Moore's ability. He's gonna be a good one.

Dink Artal Award (Scout Team Player Of The Year) – Donovan Frazer

Frazer has been excellent in getting the team prepared all year on scout and has served his role well on special teams.

Scott Duncan Award (Most Valuable Special Teams Player) Bryce McGovern

Props to Bryce. The walk-on from Danville ended up playing almost all of his four seasons at Cal in some capacity or another.

Frank Storment Award (Outstanding Student-Athlete From Southern California) Stefan McClure

McClure man. I'm so happy he just got to play a full season. He did his job and performed well at a position of desperate need. A true Golden Bear who makes us all proud.

2014 California Football Banquet. #Cal #Calgang #gobears #StefSoBlessed

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Stub Allison Award (Strength And Conditioning Award) Chris Borrayo

This award goes to the man I would never ever want to mess with. Borrayo is going to be a beast the next two years and should be on first-team all offense in due time.

Captains Awards – Lucus Gingold, Jared Goff, Daniel Lasco, Michael Lowe, Stefan McClure, Brennan Scarlett

Big C Awards (Seniors) Chris Adcock, Austin Clark, Alejandro Crosthwaite, Donovan Frazer, Lucus Gingold, Austin Hinder, James Langford, Michael Lowe, Bryce McGovern, Avery Sebastian, John Sheperdson, Drake Whitehurst, Harrison Wilfley

Big C Awards (First Year) Darius Allensworth, Hamilton Anoa'i, Jack Austin, Trey Cheek, Caleb Coleman, David Davis, Trevor Davis, Raymond Davison, Devante Downs, Vic Enwere, Donovan Frazer, David Garner, A.J. Greathouse, Raymond Hudson, Jonathan Johnson, Vincent Johnson, Jake Kearney, Trevor Kelly, Patrick Laird, James Langford, Joey Mahalic, Marcus Manley, Tony Mekari, Jack Moffett, Griffin Piatt, Matt Rockett, Luke Rubenzer, Aisea Tongilava, Arthur Wainwright, Tre Watson, Noah Westerfield, Darius White, Patrick Worstell