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Sonny Dykes reportedly contacted by Houston about coaching vacancy, not a big deal

Don't be alarmed.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Via Bruce Feldman, Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman has accepted the Houston coaching job. Good for them. Great hire. That Buckeye engine has rolled through the B1G slate and slaughtered everything in its path.

What might pique Cal fans is who was in preliminary discussions for the candidacy. Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports.

Herman and former Florida head coach Will Muschamp interviewed for the job, sources said. The school also had preliminary discussions with California coach Sonny Dykes.

Yeah, commence freakout right?


This is not that big of a deal, considering that things never went beyond the preliminary stage. "Preliminary discussions" sounds ominous, but it probably means there was a phone call and then there was nothing much else. It seems like Houston did this...

"Hey, interested at all in our coaching vacancy?"

And Dykes did this...

"Nah, thanks for the inquiry, gotta go recruit, go Bears."

It's interesting that after a 5-7 season, Dykes is already fielding discussions from other programs as a potential candidate for open vacancies. Now Houston is a clear downgrade, but you have to wonder if any major jobs happen if the Bears do have a successful 2015 campaign.

The one thing that might happen with this story is to prove to the university that Dykes and his crew is apparently a hireable staff in demand. They're nowhere near the point where they can start asking for contract extensions, but a good year next season might make all the difference in their long-term futures in the Bay Area.

This story itself doesn't really alarm me at all. It's just a sign of what might be coming down the road if this coaching staff succeeds. That is a luxury I hope we can one day afford.