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CGB Fantasy Season in Review

Celebrating the winner of our regular season pick 'em league!

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We've had a few weeks off, but bowl games are approaching and it's time to dive into some film of our oppo--oh, right...we're done with that for now.  Instead of watching our football team in the real world, our closest meaningful football action is in the fantasy world.  Speaking of which, join the CGB Bowl Pick 'em!  Before we get into the bowl pick 'em, however, let's review the results of our regular season pick 'em.

Congratulations to 2-10 here we come!

2-10 here we come seemed to sit at the top of the standings for most of the season.  There was some mid-year back-and-forth with second-place finisher, Art Kaufkaesque, but 2-10 built an insurmountable lead during the final month of the season and rolled to a relatively easy victory.  bananabender held off a challenge from Uncle Sam's Army, whose fourth-place finish makes him the cream of the CGB writer/mod crop.  the beer rounds out the top five.

The full standings are as follows:

Only thirteen of us did better than .500, which is pretty sad considering that statistically we should have a 50-50 chance of picking the correct outcome of each game.  I was rather pleased that I managed to finish one pick above .500.  I wonder where the cutoff is between people who made picks each week and those who simply gave up.  Top-20? Top-25? Surely Mission Marauders couldn't have incorrectly picked 183 of 295 games, right? I am very sorry if that is true.  Not sorry that I mentioned it, but sorry that anyone could possibly be so consistently wrong.  But Mission and several others probably missed a few weeks.  At least, one would hope so...

Not so fast, my friends!

While 2-10 here we come won the league outright and correctly picked 57.97% of the matchups, Kabam Goes the Dynamite joined the league during Week 4 and posted a remarkable 134-89, which is 60.09% correct picks.

So who is the real winner here? 2-10 or Kabam?  I could accept arguments from either side.  Kabam clearly had a much higher percentage, but Kabam didn't join until Week 4, after we already had three weeks of data on FBS teams.  This may have made it easier for an informed individual to make more accurate picks.  That may have given Kabam an unfair advantage by sitting out the weeks when we still were figuring out which teams were good and which were bad.  On the other hand, 2-10 was over two percentage points worse than Kabam.  I think the best solution is for both to decide the outcome with their performances in the bowl pick 'em.  Speaking of which, have you signed up for the bowl pick 'em yet?

Thanks for participating, all!  Feel free to exercise your bragging rights in the comments below.