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Jeff Tedford to Canada? British Columbia Lions might hire him

This could be a thing.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

So Jeff Tedford might have found an ideal landing spot for himself after all. How about going north of the border to Canada?

SportsNet in Canada is reporting that Tedford might very well be the man for the job for the British Columbia Lions.

Wally Buono may be going back in time to find the coach of the future for the B.C. Lions.

League sources tell Sportsnet that the Lions are leaning toward hiring Jeff Tedford, the former CFL quarterback who groomed Aaron Rodgers in college while head coach of the California Golden Bears, as the next head coach of the Lions.

The 53-year-old Tedford worked with, and for, Buono on the Calgary Stampeders coaching staff between 1989 and 1991 when he was entering the coaching ranks.

This makes a lot of sense for Tedford. The CFL is a distinct step down from the high-octane pressures of the NFL and college football. Sure, if you fail, you fail, but the worse the Canadians probably do is not give the coaches maple syrup with their pancakes when they fall on hard times. You get to live and coach in Vancouver, which is probably one of the 10 most beautiful cities on the planet. You can distance yourself from all the bad feelings left in Tampa and Berkeley for awhile.

And you get to be the head coach again. That's always nice!

(Hey, and Jordan Rodgers just signed with B.C.! This could be a match made in heaven.)