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Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, C.J. Anderson top 3 NFL fantasy football running backs this week

This post is mainly an excuse to get this Marshawn GIF we created on the cover. It's our child.

Marshawn is love, Marshawn is life
Marshawn highlights

In the midst of gamefilm prep, UC Davis head coach Ron Gould probably has a big grin on his face. Your top three fantasy football running backs this week?

1) Marshawn Lynch: 140 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, four touchdowns.

So Marshawn killed some poor New York Giant today. That was unfortunate.

He had four touchdowns. That's pretty cool too.

2) Justin Forsett: 112 rushing yards, two touchdowns

It took awhile, but Forsett has finally found a home as a feature running back. This first touchdown feels familiar, he's scored on this a couple of times at Cal.

The second TD was even more impressive. Bring the thunder and lightning!

The Jacksonville Jaguars thought they could replace a workhorse like Forsett with Beefy Furdie Ken Doll Toby Gerhart. Gerhart rushed for two yards on four carries today.

3) C.J. Anderson: 90 rushing yards, 73 receiving yards, 1 touchdown.

All the highlights from Marshawn and Forsett, you'd think one of them had the signature play of the game? Nah, that was C.J.'s job, decimating the Oakland Raiders and taking their souls on this one play.

So what can you do after performances like this? Dance, baby, dance.