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Cal 74, CS San Marcos 52: Golden Bears wrap up exhibition season

Regular season next week everyone!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears cruised to victory in a pretty sloppy 74-52 affair against Cal State San Marcos in Haas Pavilion. Cal didn't really play all that well in their halfcourt offensive set, but wrapped up proceedings thanks to a barrage of threes and transition turnovers.

Here are your top statistical leaders for Cal.

  • Jabari Bird 6-12 FG, 13 points
  • Tyrone Wallace 4-9, 13 points
  • Jordan Mathews, 3-8, 12 points
  • Dwight Tarwater 4-7, 10 points
  • Christian Behrens 4-4, 9 points
  • Leading rebounders: David Kravish, Roger Moute a Bidias (Six)
  • Best passers: Sam Singer (Six), Wallace (Five)
  • Block party: Kingsley Okoroh (Four)
  • Cal - CS Marcos score

Postgame quotes

Cuonzo Martin: ""One of the things we talked about and watching these guys on film, I knew they were going to be physical. They play hard, they play tough, and they do a great job of playing together. I thought it was important that we play physical and call our space on both sides of the ball. Offensively, you have got to get your space or else those  guys will take it away. They came out and played strong the entire night. I thought it was good for our guys to go against that zone- that 3-2 zone. Once our guys started to settle down and make plays we were fine."

More from Cuonzo, Jabari Bird and Tyrone Wallace here.

Player of the game: Sam Singer

Singer set the tone defensively and turned a bit of a derptastic game into a blowout. Cal was able to put some distance between themselves and their outmatched opponent though thanks to pretty solid intense defense. I'm not sure what Singer's plus/minus was, but it probably was somewhere near the margin of victory. A good portion of Cal's points came off of his outstanding defense.

Biggest point of concern: The halfcourt offense is still struggling, and our perimeter players make plenty of mistakes.

Cal State San Marcos went into a zone really quickly and the Bears were having a lot of trouble. Cal eventually started bombing away threes to loosen things up, but the Bears probably got about 60-70% of their points from transition, long-range treys, and the free throw line. Their ability to execute plays in the halfcourt is very rough right now, particularly given their lack of big man depth.

Also worrisome: Our perimeter defense still needs a lot of work. Bird and Mathews in particular always seem to get lost on defense and have trouble with their closeouts on three pointers. I'm not sure how many good three point shooting teams we face, but the ones we do get are going to rain it on us if we're not careful.

Surprise: Kingsley Okoroh looks like he'll make some meaningful contributions next year.

I'm not expecting him to do much of note offensively, but he is athletic enough that he can roam the lane and make driving a bit more difficult. With Christian Behrens working his way through injury, I expect Okoroh's minutes will start ramping up.

Moute a Bidias also deserves some praise for being out there and crashing the offensive glass. He's a bit of a wild card at this point, but there's definite promise here.

Plays of the game

Check out Moute stealing and slamming!

Mathews did the same thing in the second half.