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Brennan Scarlett has ACL surgery, 2014 season is over, expected to return for 2015

Heal up Brennan!

Christian Petersen

Cal defensive end Brennan Scarlett has missed the last four games due to an undisclosed injury, and now ACL surgery ends his season.

Scarlett just has never been able to find full health as a Golden Bear. He suffered a knee injury in 2011 after the Utah game, effectively ending his season. He missed spring practices in 2012 due to injury and missed an additional three games during the season. He also fractured the third metacarpal against USC that year and had to play through the pain all year, and that injury would turn into an infection that would eventually force him to redshirt and miss the entire 2013 season.

It has been a sad and annoying journey for a Bear who has had plenty of success off the field--Scarlett was admitted into the Haas School of Business last year and should be well on his way to completing his degree. It will be interesting to see whether Scarlett decides to give it another go next season or decides to graduate and move on--Cal could use all the defenders they get next season. Sonny Dykes expects him to return, but we shall see.

Here is the official release on Scarlett from Cal Athletics.

PS: Some good news. Trevor Davis should practice for the first time this weekend. No word on whether he'll be ready for next week's game. Kenny Lawler also looks like he'll be ready to go.