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Thank you very much, readers!

On the internet, there can even be genuineness!

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm currently discussing whether genuineness exists on the internet or whether it is an unceasing hellscape of "ironic" "hipsters" with their "sarcasm" and "love for Barack Obama."

Let me put that discussion to rest with this post filled mostly with genuineness.  Thank you, readers, for your continued awesomeness.  We just got the numbers for the month of October from our higher ups.  CGB is in the Top 25 for uniques for college sites, which is fine enough, but what caught my eye is that we appear to have the 3rd most comments for any SBN College site.  EveryDayShouldBeSaturday has a lot more comments than us, but they are a unique site so I do not think it is comparable to individual team sites.  The other site is TomahawkNation, which is for Florida State.  They have like octuple our numbers, but only a few thousand more comments than us.

Comments are an extremely important metric to me, because they are a reflection of the community at a site.  I think that SBN focuses on other metrics (like uniques), because that is how they can sell ads and make their money.  I do not focus that much on the $$$ here, because any $$$ they give us, we donate the net proceeds of it to the California Marching Band.  So, while getting uniques is great, to me, comments is the more important metric.

That is why I was so happy to see the great numbers there as a reflection of the great and vibrant community here at CGB.  We have YOU (yes, you!) to thank for that.  I'm so appreciative of all the readers who come here and make the hard work of writing all these posts etc etc worth it.  It almost makes me somewhat regret the massive trolljob I'm about to dump on you tomorrow morning.!  Almost!

So, thank you very much for making CGB what it is today.  I hope that the community here can continue to grow as the football team builds on its recent success.  GO BEARS!