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CGB week 11 pick em + last two weeks recap

I know there's hole in all of your hearts because I missed this post last week, so come rejoice and be healed!

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First, I'd like to apologize for missing my post last week - life happened and I hope you all understand!

Luckily, the post is back this week for those degenerates who need their gambling fix (or those of you who just like to follow Cal football. Not sure which is more painful...)

Last two weeks recap

Let's start with the overall leaderboard. There is a nice bunch at the top - while Reef is maintaining his lead, Nam and I are hot on his heels! Vincent S unfortunately wasn't able to submit Week 6 picks so his total is dragged down by that.

[boomtho note: updated graphic to properly reflect Reef's week 10 performance]

Next, let's jump back to week 10 (last week).

GO BEARS!!! is my immediate takeaway - our faith was unanimously rewarded in both the Bears and the Ducks. The Buffs were a popular upset candidate that unfortunately didn't pull through, while Utah did enough to sink bets without actually winning (thanks Andy Phillips

Finally, let's jump all the long way back to Week 9.

The Cal/Oregon line ended up being just about perfect as the Ducks won by 18. UCLA tripped a lot of us up but pulled out a win due to Hundley's heroics, while Arizona ended up wining 22, nearly 8x the spread.

This week's picks

Notre Dame at ASU

A nonconference game, wow!

Vincent S:


Ruey Yen: Pac-12 pride.

Berkelium97: ND has had too many close calls against mediocre teams like Stanford, North Carolina, and Navy. Meanwhile ASU has been on fire recently.

boomtho: hate rooting against the Pac-12 but think ND wins it

Wazzu at OSU

Maybe the least impactful matchup this year, and a huge overall bummer with Halliday out.

Vincent S: No QB for WSU :(

Nam Le: Only because Halliday isn't available. Man, I feel horrible for that guy.

Ruey Yen: Hard to pick Wazzu with Halliday's career over.

Berkelium97: Without Halliday, the Cougs don't have much of a chance.

boomtho: 8 is a lot of points but I have no idea what Wazzu is like without Halliday



Real chance for UCLA to show they're legit after a suffocating win over an explosive Arizona team.

Vincent S:

Nam Le: UW wins outright.

Ruey Yen: UCLA are not that good, but still better than UW.

Berkelium97: I'm not sure if UW will win outright, but their front seven is good enough to cause serious problems for an atrocious UCLA O-line. This one will be close.

boomtho: Hundley continues to carry the team


Colorado at Arizona

Can the Buffs notch a conference win?

Vincent S:

Nam Le: My favorite team to pick for feisty covers, to be honest.

Ruey Yen: Arizona wins but don't cover

Berkelium97: Colorado has been feisty recently, but Arizona will probably put up 60 to erase the foul taste of last week's performance.

boomtho: Colorado is feisty but not talented enough to hang around for 4 quarters


Oregon at Utah

Game of the week is also the latest entry into the #pac12afterdark phenomenon.

Vincent S:

Nam Le: I can't see the Utah offense keeping it this close, especially if Stanford didn't.

Ruey Yen: A bit surprised by the line here.

Berkelium97: I'd be tempted to pick Utah if they had a functioning passing game.

boomtho: Utah's defense and special teams are a stiff test, but UO has another big second half in them



The Oregon game is the only unanimous one, and everything else is pretty split. Lots of sentiment for Wazzu given the Halliday injury and some Pac-12 pride on the line in the ASU/ND game.

Tune in next week to see how everyone did!