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Golden Nuggets: So Close, Yet So Far, To Bowl Eligibility

Cal falls just short against BYU and misses bowl eligibility to end an otherwise vastly improved season.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Women's Basketball

#14 Cal defeats Creighton 94-69to win the Cal Classic Championship. Brittany Boyd nearly had another triple-double after she posted 11 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists against San Jose State on Friday.

Men's Basketball

Cal will tip off against Fresno State at the SaveMart center in Fresno, CA today at 3:00 pm.


The Golden Bears fell to top-ranked Stanford in the Big Spike.

Men's Soccer

Cal heads to UCLA to face the #2 seed Bruins in the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen today at 7:00 pm.

Getting to Know: Joshua Morton What are some of your hobbies off of the field?

Joshua Morton: I love playing soccer tennis at the tennis courts. I also like playing ping pong. I am a big movie guy. My favorite movie is probably Dumb and Dumber. It is the best.

CB: Outside of soccer, what are your career goals when you are finished playing?

JM: I am still taking all my prerequisite classes, so I am still unsure of what my major will be. I know that when I am done playing soccer, I want to coach high school or club soccer. I have such a passion for that. Whatever I am doing, I want to coach. That is one thing I am set to do. I am not stepping off that field, not a chance.

California 35, BYU 42

SF Chronicle

- After Cal's bowl hopes ended 14-yards short, quarterback Jared Goff and running back Daniel Lasco sat in a pair of chairs on the sideline.

BYU was celebrating on the field. The Bears were solemnly walking off it. And Goff and Lasco sat there in silence and watched all of it.

"There was no doubt in our mind that we should've went out there and beat them," Lasco said. "Sitting there and watching it, it was kind of a surreal thing, just seeing them be all excited and run around and beat us. It's like embarrassing almost."

The two players siting weren't the ones to pin the loss on. Cal's bowl hopes ended Saturday afternoon in a 42-35 loss to BYU that followed a familiar script: Goff and the offense were terrific and the defense was terrible.