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Cal 28, BYU 28: Bears & Cougars in a shootout: 4th Quarter Open Thread!


Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Heading out of halftime up 21-14 and starting the 2nd half with the ball, the Golden Bears had a golden opportunity to try and put the clamps on BYU early. After getting to midfeld and converting a 4th down, they then proceeded to stall at midfield and forced to punt. BYU took advantage of a few secondary miscues by the Bears, and managed to score the game-tying touchdown.

Jared Goff then made what looked like a critical error, getting intercepted on an underthrow and setting up BYU with great field position. The Cougars managed to get into the red zone, but then Christian Stewart threw a football pass five yards backwards and behind his man. That fumble was picked up by Stefan McClure and Cal regained all the momentum in one crazy play.

Cal then marched down the field behind Daniel Lasco running and retook the lead on an awesome Tre Watson scamper.

But BYU came right back and then marched all over what's looking like an outmanned and way too aggressive Cal defense that is making far too many mistakes and leaving defenders wide open  Cal has crossed midfield at the end of the 3rd.

Is the 4th quarter ours? Discuss away and GO BEARS!