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Happy Thanksgiving from CGB! This is your Thanksgiving open thread

Let us know what you're thankful for!

The most powerful man in the world, pardoning Popcorn the Turkey
The most powerful man in the world, pardoning Popcorn the Turkey
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

From all of us here at CGB, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Keep in mind those of us who are less fortunate than we are this holiday season and give thanks to the great opportunities you have in life (opportunities such as reading and commenting on our tiny little community on a regular basis, for example)!

Because there is no bye week like there usually is for Cal football on Thanksgiving weekend, things are a bit more crowded than usual. But this is your place to discuss what you're thankful for!

There are plenty of things happening in every sport and on your TVs, so if you want to live chat about that stuff too, here you go!


Bears vs. Lions, 9:30 am: Catch Jeremy Ross and Chris Conte in action!

Eagles vs. Cowboys, 1:30 PM: Mychal Kendricks is in action, as is Mark Sanchez and Chip Kelly coexisting! Worth it for the lulz at least.

Seahawks vs. 49ers, 5:30 PM: "Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. No juice."

NCAA Football

4:30 PM
Texas A&M vs. LSU, ESPN:
Being that the winner of this game will probably be 4th in the SEC West, expect them to be promoted to the top 25 to give Alabama and Mississippi State another quality win.

TCU vs. Texas, Fox Sports 1: This game actually pertains to us, as Sonny Dykes's first big test next season awaits him in Austin. Can Charlie Strong turn Texas around and shock the college football world with a signature win?

College basketball

Battle 4 Atlantis: Wisconsin faces Georgetown and North Carolina faces UCLA (in the loser's bracket!), so we'll get to see two really good future opponents in action!

Washington and WSU are also in action near the tail end of your night in tournaments in Fullerton and Anchorage.

Other TV proceedings/marathons

National Dog Show, NBC: This is the Super Bowl for people who would never invite you to their Thanksgiving.

Portlandia marathon, IFC: In case you ever wanted to spend time in Portland without having to go to Portland.

Friends marathon, TBS: TwistNHook is going to be here reporting in on the proceedings.

Modern Family marathon, USA: This show has like a hundred more Emmys than Parks and Recreation with a hundredth of the laughs. I don't get it.

Jurassic Park marathon, AMC: Hey, want to forget that awful trailer for Jurassic World? You can relive all the awful Jurassic Park sequels instead!

Adventure Time, Cartoon Network: Oh, we have a winner here....

MST3K, Holy crap. This is actually happening. Bye folks!