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CGB pick em - last week's performance + season recap

No picks for this week due to Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading my silliness this year and Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your friends. As always, GO BEARS!

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First, I need to mention there are no new picks this week, and that's my fault for getting wrapped up in work and looking forward to the Holidays. You could say this week's picks were a trap game I looked past.

Because of that, this will (likely) be the last entry in this column this season. I'd love to do it again next year (and Twist, I'll be more on top of it - promise!), but I'd love to know whether you liked the column, liked or hated the format, thought it was a complete waste of space, thought I was a complete waste of space as a writer, etc.

Last week's results and season's winner

If you'd asked me before the year who would have the highest picks percentage, I would have said Reef by a mile. Because I was right, I actually feel like I won (though I actually got 4th).

You'll notice Reef almost regressed to 60%, the number he had predicted himself before the year. I wonder how this week's picks would have affected that trend.

Nam and Ruey had a late surge to overtake me, while Berkelium and Vincent S finished under 50%.I have to say, it was pretty impressive to have 4/6 writers finish at 55%+. I guess CGB writers do know something after all!

As you can see from last week's detailed table, the UW game was the only "easy" game on the list. Every other game had at least 3 incorrect responses, the worst being the Cal/furd game. I wonder if the writers had picked with their brains, instead of their hearts (or some emotional connection), how many would have chosen furd.

This week's lines

Like I said at the top, no writer picks this week, but here are the Pac-12 lines for this week.

My personal picks (for what that's worth, exactly $0) are as follows:

  • Arizona State +2.5
  • UCLA -5.5
  • Utah -9
  • Notre Dame +7
  • Cal -4
  • Oregon -19
  • Washington -3

Let me know in the comments what you think is going to happen this week!


Well, not much to say that I didn't cover in the intro. Thank you to those of you who read, commented, and voted in the polls. GO BEARS!