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Instant Recap and Postgame Reaction: Cal beats Cal Poly 72-52

Cal wins what was a close game for 30 minutes against a Cal Poly team that controlled tempo early.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In a game much closer than the final score, Cal got it going later for a 20 point victory over the Cal Poly Mustangs.

The Beats struggled early, and held only a seven point lead due to struggles from behind the three point and Cal Poly determining the tempo. David Kravish and Tyrone "Smoochie" Wallace kept the game going our way in the early going, with seven points apiece. When the second half hit though, Cal Poly upped their tempo, which jolted the Bears enough as the lead got down to as low as 3. However, excellence of the perimeter trio of Wallace, Jabari Bird, and Jordan Matthews combined for 51 out of the 72 points.

The real turning point came from Christian Behrens, who had a career high 9 rebounds and had a sequence of back to back dunks. That started the Bears on their run to victory in a game that was frustrating, but eventually a blowout.

All in all, there are things to address, but nonetheless Go Bears!