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Cal vs. Stanfurd Report Card - that happened.

Anyone up for reliving that debacle? No one? I didn't think so. But we're still here to collectively vent and moan and then put it all behind us. Because you know what? THE SEASON ISN'T OVER YET! BYU and possibly bowl glory awaits! GO BEARS!

Wait, so the money for the refs goes over here or over there?
Wait, so the money for the refs goes over here or over there?
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Berkelium97: Well that was thoroughly unpleasant.  It didn't quite top the frustration of the 4th quarter of the Arizona game, but it was close.  At least we know we're not lacking for passion this season.

Let's get this over with.

Average Standard Deviation
Pass Offense .379 .176
Rush Offense .449 .173
Pass Defense .223 .178
Rush Defense .438 .244
Special Teams .572 .218
Coaching .352 .224
Overall .311 .148
Win Chance vs. BYU 47.60% (-2.16%) 29.7

You know things went badly when special teams earned the highest grade of the week.  The offense grades were pretty terrible, as were the defense grades.  Apparently you all weren't too fond of what the three-headed coach Dauflin was doing out there.  That doesn't sound right.  Kauflinykes?  Frankmanykes?  I don't know.

Everything else was terrible.  Blah, blah, blah.

At least our win likelihood against BYU has not dropped much.

Let's raise some spirits with awards.


You know the drill by now.  We lost, so we'll first recognize those who handed out the worst grades.

Sonny Yikes

Name Grade
1. Resbear 0.35 (5.0%)
2. rollonyoubears111 0.88 (12.5%)
3. Berkelium97SawHoldingOnEveryPlay 1.40 (20.0%)
3. crystallogrobear 1.40 (20.0%)
5. wifeisatroj 1.65 (23.6%)

No one submitted all goose eggs!  I was sure we'd have several 0s.  ResBear leads the way with a 5% grade.  rollonyoubears111 finishes second for the second consecutive week and you can tell by my name why I finished third among the pessimists.  Crystallogrobear earns a second consecutive Sonny Yikes award while wifeisatroj rounds out the hat trick with a Sonny Yikes to complement a Sonny Delight and Voice of Reason earned earlier this season.  I bet Saturday was a dark day in the wifeisatroj household.

Next we have the optimists.

Sonny Delight

Name Grade
1. heyalumnigo 4.20 (60.0%)
2. Nor-Cal Scott 4.11 (58.7%)
3. Rose Bowl Oski 4.10 (58.6%)
3. koalaballa 4.10 (58.6%)
5. danncruz 3.90 (55.7%)

Only one passing grade this week, and it's heyalumnigo's 60%.  Nor-Cal Scott earns an award for the second consecutive week (last week Scott earned a Voice of Reason).  Rose Bowl Oski finishes third, tied with koalaballa who takes a break from regularly finishing among the Voice of Reason award winners.  danncruz rounds out the top-five.

Now we recognize those whose grades were closest to the community average.

The Voice of Reason

Name Deviation
1. LeonPowe .063
2. 1988goldenbear .072
3. ABVidale .074
4. slaphancock .083
5. CaloutEast .087

LeonPowe finishes first!  1988goldenbear continues to dominate the Voice of Reason awards with a 5th appearance.  ABVidale finishes third, followed by slaphancock, who earns a second Voice of Reason this season.  CaloutEast finished fifth.  Btween CaloutEast (presumably on the East Coast) to LeonPowe on Asia's East Cost, we have the whole world covered with reason this week.

Now let's take a look at your comments which, if I may make a bold prediction, will probably discuss the refs.

Sam Fielder: So yeah, the comments were about what I expected.  Low in number, plenty of vitriol directed at the refs, and generally not super excited.  We didn't even have the gallows humor I've come to expect from these horrific games, but I can't say that I blame you.  I'm bummed too.  So let's all go over this together and see what you thought.

GameDay Experience
RhetoriCal: I am oddly possessed of an urge to become a safari hunter, fly to Africa, and hunt the hated Zebra until it is extinct.
slaphancock: Refs came into my house, kidnapped my cats, peed in my clothes hamper.
CalFan4Life: The lowest Stanfurd attendance I've seen in 44 years of watching Big Games. Were they arrogant, disinterested, or what? It is very puzzling.
puresilence: At least it was sunny for a while.
WHiskeyTangoFurd: LOVED how into it the student section was. The furds quieted most of the crowd down pretty early, but the students kept the energy up, which was nice to see.
As part of the Salute to America events, they brought a blind WW2 vet out on the field at one point. I think he could have called a better game than the Pac12 refs.
EchoOfSilence: Amazing turnout, glad I made the trip from LA.
iwastherefortheplay: I hate furds and the stupid furd banned. They should not be allowed into the stadium.
Old Bear 71: Well, Headline sums it up pretty well. If the refs eliminate your best defensive player on the first play from scrimmage, sets the tone for the game. Just thinking,,, If it takes a booth review to see we have helmet to helmet, seems like its not flagrant or deliberate. It's OK to t-bone Trevor Davis and nearly break his neck, but.....
wifeisatroj: It was a harmonic convergence of badness.
Other than that, I quote Thumper: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."
shantaram: As if I wasn't already pissed the refs enough, the stanfurd "band" were dressed as refs too.
koalaballa: How much did Stanford pay these refs?
prd74: Although the game itself was sad from the Cal perspective, everything else was amazing. My day started with two cute preschool kids with Bear hats on Bancroft yelling at everyone who passed by, "GO BEARS!". Super cute. At Sproul Plaza the Cal Band showed up with a no nonsense "We are going to Kick Ass and totally entertain you" attitude". When they played "Sons of Cal", the entire audience sang out the lyrics loud and clear. Awesome. The scary rain turned into a beautiful day and the view from Memorial out to the bay was one that had everyone from both schools checking out San Francisco and the Golden Gate. The Student Section showed up and were not only vocal all game long (they all stayed until the final second), but were also visually amazing. When they all stood up and moved en mass from side to side, I have never seen anything like it, ever. Impressive. Even the card stunts worked. Our student section is second to none. The fact that the Athletic Department essentially eliminated the piped in music made the whole gameday experience one that made everyone who attended wanting more of the same. The Cal Band was, to this band alumni, was just great all game long. The enthusiastic reaction to our band was in stark contrast to the don't care about our band shown by the furd fans. The booing of the Cal fans at the annoying unentertaining furd band halftime "show" was Tiger Woods revisited. When the Cal Band played "All Hail" during the postgame, it was the absolute best I have ever heard that piece played. On November 22, 2014 the entire Cal administration and fan base had a whole lot to be proud of. On the other hand, the few furd fans, their pathetic scatter band, and their toy stadium, like the Pac12 refs, suck.
Nor-Cal Scott: My eyes are burning from all of the red yesterday. Worse than that was the idiot who sat in the seats behind me yesterday. "Mr. Know-It-All" Cal fan knew less than the average High School player. And thanks (sarcasm font) to the Old Blue couple who gave/sold their tickets to him.
CaloutEast: The referring was the worst I've ever seen. Some firings are literally in order. It highlights out poor the Pac12 referring has been in terms of administration and training. The review booth staff upstairs were either drunk or well-bribed. Three overturned touchdowns in a row has to be a NCAA record!
1988goldenbear: STUDENT SECTION WAS AWESOME! Great job kids, it was so neat to see that section full and rocking the entire game.
rollonyoubears111: It was packed. The student section was awesome (save one of the mic men who made me cringe occasionally) And the Furdie band, well, I just feel sorry for them at this point because it's too easy to bash them. You know, you just have to let them vent because it's their only means of coping with their insecurities growing up in a cesspool of pressure (not unlike a really huge buttock abscess) from the Trustifarian parents and having to deal with public views of nepotism/cronyism...Yeah, so, you gotta feel sorry for them...such an empty existence... Nah, f' em.

Pass Offense
crystalogrobear: 1 in 6 completions were caught by trees
CALiforniALUM: I can't recall the last time we had a pass go for over 35 yards. Rube isn't seeing the field very well.
sacman701: Horrible. 5.5 yards per attempt and 4 picks virtually guarantees a loss regardless of what the rest of the team does.
mitchgobears: Goff was off, and someone needs to tell Rubenzer to NOT throw into double or triple coverage.
thebeer: horrrible
abandoned the short and intermediate passing game for long throws which JG had inadequate protection to step in to
furd played 2-4 defenders 10 yards off the LOS, so the short and intermediate Anderson/Powe/Lawler/Davis throws were there
i wasnt even (nearly) drunk (enough)
am i missing something here :/

Run Offense

justbear: #Pac12Refs #HoldingHoldingHolding
#BearRaid: Oline got man handled... very disappointed with Jared Deflect-a-Goff and another BRUTAL turnover by Lasco.
Goff has gotta be smarted than forcing those balls.
And Lasco's fumbles.... against NW, USC, and FURD... were all CRUSHING.
WhiskeyTangoFurd: Some decent holes opened up, but still pretty meh.
calfan: Lasco was very effective and shockingly underused. And then it was too late.
sup_doe_library: Sneaky effective. Lasco over 100 yes against a tough d, but the fumble was a backbreaker.

Pass Defense

slaphancock: Refs followed me to grocery store. Grabbed a lawyer's ass and blamed it on me. Got sued. Refs also represented the lawyer in court. Judge was a ref too. Bailiff, etc. you get the point.
sacman701: Sucked again. No pressure, soft coverage. The one pick was an unforced error by Furd.
EchoOfSilence: Can't say much here. It sucked. And apparently "COVER THE TIGHT END SEAM ROUTE!!!" should replace "Go Bears" since we STILL can't do it even with a new coaching staff.
iwastherefortheplay: Losing our safety on the first play of the game? WTF. They play hard though. Need bigger safeties and DB's - hard to cover the TE and large receivers.
resbear: Can we draft some kids who don't get hurt and are over 5'1?
Nor-Cal Scott: Gotta love Pac12 Ref's. We all know this is our weakest squad and furd avgeraged 14.3 per completion.
rollonyoubears111: As expected, Hogan looked like an elite only because he had soooooo much time. I was hoping that they would risk some corner/safety blitzes while playing dime situations.

Run Defense

CALiforniALUM: We certainly don't do ourselves any favors by coughing the ball up on offense. Our run D has been a bright spot on this defense, but today the big heavies were too much to deal with.
resbear: This wasn't so bad, actually
CaloutEast: Overall, nice tackling throughout the game.
1988goldenbear: Decent for the most part, but those big ugly Furdies pretty much blasted holes in the red zone at will.
sup_doe_library: Up and down day against the run. Some good plays, but 4 rush tds is inexcusable.

Special Teams

justbear: Recovered onside kick!!! Blocked a punt!!! Harper nice return!!!
Old Bear 71: It was nice to see Harper wheeling again.
prd74: Onside kick recovery was unbelievable given how crappy we have been all year. No major mistakes. Equally unbelievable.
RoseBowlOski: Nice blocked punt by McGovern. Too bad the ball bounce so far away that no one could pick it up and return it for a TD


AlohaBear: Dykes was really starting to win me over up until the last two weeks. I wasn't a big fan of the Bear Raid style until I saw the run game develop this year. I was really starting to get behind the system, but a key problem with Dykes seems to be that he can't get the team fired up to start a game against good teams. We've come out flat two games in a row in just painful fashion.
#BearRaid: Sonny and TF will get blasted, but everything that went wrong wasn't on them.
Refs were and abortion. Turnovers by our best players were stupid and game killing. Lowe's absence was critical and our lack of pass rush was to be expected since all our pass rushers are hurt, or flunked out of school. (yea Tosh... yea Tedford)
Truth is, we were moving the ball! Lasso break left instead of fumbling, Goff doesn't force those two balls, and who knows.... sucks balls!
mitchgobears: Brought in an unprepared football team. You are being paid a boatload of money and I would have more respect for you if you said something publicly about the officiating and took a fine.
CoachBear: Looked likes Sonny knew the FIX was in and just shutdown] after the 2ND quarter
BTown85: I would be SO frustrated to have been on that sideline on Saturday, I don't want to say anything negative. There are coaches that would have embarrased their schools given what happened to us, but (as far as I know, though I've had my head buried in the sand since then.....) I don't think our staff did.

Overall Performance

RhetoriCal: God I hate 'furd. An entire matriculation of Cal students have gone through and never had the axe. Next year's team will have no single player on it who has had the axe. 'Furd fans don't even care, and they get to keep it, which is the unkindest cut of all. . .
CalFan4Life: Can;t blame the refs when the the offense is anemic and the defense fails to show up. Did we forget this was the Big Game, or were we just too nervous?
LeonPowe: Disappointing, but what are you gonna do?
HEYAlumniGo: I gave us a .6 but after further review it got changed to a .1
shantaram: Still love this team.
CoachBear: Not too good.
We may have not deserved to win, but no team in any division of college football should ever be subjected to that type of bias officiating
danncruz: We didn't get a chance to see overall performance.
We only saw a performance sliced and diced, stepped on, bludgeoned and then shot at point blank by some dudes with brown noses on the field waving yellow hankerchiefs
RoseBowlOski: Some of the comments indicate that the officiating was not the determining factor in this game. I disagree. These kids remember the un-penalized hit by Skov on Goff last year and by Wadood on Harper this year. How could Lowe's ejection not affect their ability to play? Moreover, Cal was forced to play the entire game without its leading tackler and arguably best defender! The blatant thuggery against Davis and Goff without penalty led me to believe that either on their own or in response to an edict from above, the officiating crew agreed before the game to make every marginal call against Cal and ignore the same kind of action and worse by Stanfurd. A ridiculous and outrageous mockery of what college athletic competition is all about.

Next Saturday is a new day and our sturdy Golden Bears can make a bowl by getting a huge win over BYU.  Let's cheer them to victory and celebrate here next week! GO BEARS!