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Instantrecap: Cal finally solves Syracuse, win

3rd time's the charm for the Golden Bears against Syracuse.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

NEW YORK, New York -

After years of solid Cal Bears squad that lack that sexy outside of conference win, we finally got one. This Syracuse team may not be that experienced, but the Bears attacked their zone with aggression to great result.

In the first half, a late barrage of 3's gave the Bears a 12 point lead at the half (34-22).

Bears pushed the lead up to 19 with about 14+ minutes left. Syracuse finally answers with a small run, but the Bears are ready and fought back. Jordan Mathews find way to score (3's or attacking the rim) to keep the Bears at a comfortable lead.

This is your instant recap post. I'll post my recap post after attending the press conference. That should be very fun.