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CGB week 13 picks + week 12 recap

CGB! What is it good for? Absolutely... [mic trails off]

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Welcome back for the special week 13 edition of CGB picks?

And, if you have to ask why this week is so special for Cal football... check the color of your shirt because you might be the one, the only, the rare furd fan (and a real basic b****)

Last week recap

Stop me if you've heard this before... Reef maintains his lead in first place; Nam, myself, and Ruey are close behind; and poor Vincent S has had his brain addled by grad school, and currently sits in last place watching his life savings slowly trickle away.

Looking at the detail, betting on Cal = awesomeness! Unfortunately the two Arizona schools screwed the pooch, though they at least had the decency to hurt all the bettors equally.

This week's picks

Washington State @ Arizona State


Vincent S: [No comment]

Ruey Yen: Bounce back game for ASU

boomtho: Think the Devils will win but the LUKE FALK EXPERIENCE will keep things close

Berkelium97: ASU could come out on fire or continue the slump from last week. I'm inclined to believe the former, but 16.5 is a bit too large of a spread for the feisty Cougs.

Reef: [No comment]

Arizona @ Utah

Nam Le: Arizona has been tremendously lucky all season long, and I like the Utah defense's chances of stopping Anu Solomon

Vincent S: Toss-up.

Ruey Yen: When in doubt, go with the home team.

boomtho: Not sure if Utah can score enough to hang with Arizona, though their defense is pretty darn impressive

Berkelium97: It's going to be a cold, rainy, miserable day. The conditions are not favorable for Arizona's passing game and I don't trust their running game against the Utah defense.

Reef: [No comment]

furd @ Cal

Nam Le: 6 is too high. I don't know if we win, but I do know 6 is too high.

Vincent S: Please.


boomtho: juju be kind

Berkelium97: I desperately want to be wrong about this pick, but Hogan has been pretty good when he has time to throw. And our defense gives QBs an eternity. Their defense could give our offense trouble unless our O-line has its best game of the year.

Reef: [No comment]

Colorado @ Oregon

Nam Le: I'm making this pick with the assumption Liufau will not be playing.

Vincent S: [No comment]

Ruey Yen: Ducks making a statement.

boomtho: 33 is a lot of freaking points, even for Colorado

Berkelium97: If not for the heavy rains in the forecast, I'd pick Oregon.

Reef: [No comment]


Nam Le: The lesser of two evils.

Vincent S: [No comment]

Ruey Yen: Public school > private school

boomtho: No idea how this is going to go, so I'm taking the home team

Berkelium97: I have no idea what the porous UCLA offensive line will do about Leonard Williams.

Reef: [No comment]

Oregon State @ Washington

Nam Le: Big win aside, not as good away from home.

Vincent S: [No comment]

Ruey Yen: Since UW is not ranked, they will survive playing OSU.

boomtho: OSU falls back to earth after beating ASU

Berkelium97: It's dangerous to pick the favorite in Pac-12 After Dark, but I don't think OSU will have any answer for
UW's front seven.

Reef: [No comment]


Let's start with how Bk97 is picking against Cal in the BIG FREAKING GAME. BOO BK!!

Beyond that, the UW/OSU game is unanimous, the Utah/Arizona game is nearly so, and everything else is largely split.

For me personally, this was the hardest week to pick, so I'm fully prepared to get nothing right.