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117th Big Game TV time: Cal vs. Stanford a 1 PM kickoff on FOX Sports 1


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The California Golden Bears will try and take the Axe back from the Stanfurd Cardinal next Saturday, November 22nd. There will be plenty at stake. The winner will finish in at least a tie for second in the Pac-12 North. The winner will go to a bowl game, as both teams are 5-5. And more importantly, Stanfurd's four year rental of the Axe is at stake.

As is the tradition, the kickoff will be early afternoon. This year's game will kickoff at 1 PM Pacific. It will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 and can be watched online via Fox Sports Go.

I'm sure there was plenty of pushing from Cal to have an early kickoff. Cal has always played the Big Game early at Berkeley with very few exceptions to ensure that all the older alumni classes can make the trip from everywhere and leave at a reasonable time. Stanfurd, by contrast, wouldn't really care what times their game are in Palo Alto, or even if they were relocated to the moon.