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CGB Week 12 pick em + last week recap

As your super fun lead in to BEAT THE TROJAN SCUM!!

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No preamble, no small talk, just CGB pick em all the time!

Last week recap

Reef and Vincent S had great Week 11's with 4/5 correct picks. The rest of us were a bit behind, but still not too shabby at 3/5.

Everyone had faith in Oregon, and everyone was rewarded! Nice to see that happen. The other games tripped people up at roughly equal rates.

This week's picks

Cal @ USC

Not much to say here. Nothing but love and support for the Blue and Gold. Can we get it done??

boomtho: GO BEARS!

Nam Le: This is the year, goddammit.

Ruey Yen: Taking Cal and the points (but hoping for the points to not matter, of course).

Berkelium97: I would have picked USC to cover the original 12-point spread, but I think 14.5 is a bit too large.

Vincent S: My mind picks USC. My heart picks Cal.

Reef: Because I don't believe in the NLC. Seriously, though, I'd have gone the other way at 13.5, but 14 seems like a slight tip the other way.

UW @ Arizona

Two unanimous games in a row! Somewhat surprising I guess, though our dislke of UW around these parts is well known.

boomtho: Not impressed with UW to date, doubt they can score enough to keep up

Nam Le: 9 seems high, but Washington has literally no offensive weapons left, and it's best defensive players are all hurting.

Ruey Yen: Zona having the better season so far.

Berkelium97: I keep picking the Wildcats because I expect them to break out of their funk. This week I take another valiant tilt at the windmill.

Vincent S: no comment

Reef: This seems like value on the Zona side..

Utah @ Furd

Boo Vincent S, that dirty Furd lover!!!

boomtho: Why is Furd favored here?

Nam Le: Stanford wins outright, though. Just don't see the Utes being able to mount much offense.

Ruey Yen: Furd may win this one but not cover.

Berkelium97: This game is going be horrifically ugly and I'm going to enjoy every last second of it.

Vincent S: no comment

Reef: furd wins 3-0

ASU @ Oregon State

Man, 3/ 4 games this week are unanimous. Quite odd. Wonder if we'll end up looking foolish or Vegas will.

boomtho: ASU is a loooot better than OSU, in my opinion

Nam Le: Easiest pick of the week.

Ruey Yen: ASU is on a roll.

Berkelium97: I shouldn't pick ASU to cover in mid-30 degree temperatures and possible rain, but the Devils have been too good to pick against.

Vincent S: no comment

Reef: If they're going to let down, this is it, but the numbers dictate the fav here.

Wrap up and conclusion

3/4 games are unanimous, everyone loves the Bears (go figure, right?) and only the immoral, corrupt Vincent S believes in Furd. Tune in next week to see how everyone does!