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UC Berkeley developments include Aquatic Center, Haas Pavilion, Global Campus in Richmond?

Lots of stuff happening on campus.

Real Estate Berkeley

UC Berkeley recently released a document filled with all the cool new real estate developments that are taking place on campus. I'm sure there were words or something in there as well explaining the practical purpose of all of these projections, but I'm going to ignore them in favor of the pretty pictures.

Let's take a look at the current projects that are underway.

Haas Pavilion upgrades

Haas Pavilion

We've already discussed the Haas Pavilion improvements in length (particularly the center hung scoreboard), but here it is again for those who missed it the first time around. We'll be looking forward to these upgrades debuting in 2015, just in time for Cal men's basketball to compete for the Pac-12 title once again.

Cal Aquatics Center

Cal Aquatics center

Also soon to get under construction is the new Cal Aquatics center next to the Tang Center. This should become one of the jewels of the Pac-12 and ensure Cal dominates the water for years to come. I'm guessing the current pool will be opened up for general student use.

Maxwell garage

Maxwell garage

Also available is the first rendering I've seen of the new Maxwell parking lot. Above the lot is the planned Cal football practice field, although I'm still not quite sure whether there has been a resolution between the athletic department and field hockey. Hopefully this will make it easier for most of us to park on gameday.

Global campus in Richmond

UC Berkeley global campus in Richmond?

Probably the most interesting note is the expansion of the Richmond Field station (which has often been used for various research projects, particularly in the engineering community) into a potential global campus. The idea of a satellite campus that caters toward more of an international crowd makes ton of sense, particularly financially. The land is fairly cheap compared to the rest of the East Bay and should allow for faster lines to development.

I will be particularly intrigued how they get this done in the Point Richmond area, which is a bit isolated from the rest of the community. I guess it's not that far from El Cerrito, but it isn't quite as centralized as Berkeley is.

Also there appears to be some new buildings popping up. Here are the renderings:

Haas Business School Addition

Haas Business Addition

Jacobs Hall - College of Engineering

Jacobs Hall

Berkeley Art Museum - Pacific Film Archive

Berkeley Art Museum

Lower Sproul Hall

Lower Sproul Hall