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CGB betting lines week 7 + week 6 recap

See who got Kabam'd this week!

Steve Dykes

Welcome back to our third week (technically Week 7 of the CFB season) of the betting lines. Thankfully, no one has been kneecapped (that I know of) so all your fearless leaders were able to submit picks this week.

Recap of last week

I had a terrible week... and I still wasn't last. On the opposite side, Reef's bold strategy of picking all the underdogs paid off beautifully. Much like the actual games, last week was a bit unpredictable from a betting perspective.

Reef and Nam both had great weeks and appear to be the writers to beat for the rest of the season. It's important to note that in week 5 we had 10 picks (5 spreads and 5 over/under), while in Week 6 we switched to only spread bets, and there were 6 of those. I'm sticking with showing the true results (unweighted), but if it ends up skewing the final picture too much, I'll switch to a version with equal weighting by week.

wk 7 #1

In the detailed breakdown, you can see nearly everyone got the Cal and Colorado games. The other games tripped people up at nearly equal rates.

wk 7 #2

Week 7 picks

Wazzu AT furd

None of us seemed to understand why the furd is 17.5 favorites.

wk 7 wzzu furd

Ruey Yen: I don't think the Furd offense is good enough to cover here.

Nam Le: This is easy money. Wazzu won't win, but they'll pass until the sun rises and probably end up beating the spread at the last minute.

Vincent S: I don't know that Stanford can score 17 in a game.

Berkelium97: Stanford has had trouble SCORING 17 points, let alone winning by 17.

Reef: Mostly because I'm skeptical about furd scoring, you know, points.

boomtho: No reason Furd should be favored by 17

Oregon AT UCLA

Unanimous picks again!

wk 7 oregon  ucla

Ruey Yen: Ducks are the better team even if I would prefer not to face UCLA the following week with them on a two game losing streak.

Nam Le: Oregon's offensive line may not be any good, but neither is UCLA's pass rush. Mariota should be alright.

Berkelium97: This game is going to be a train wreck. I have slightly more confidence in Oregon's defense than UCLA's, so they get the edge.

Reef: Zig zag, which is really lazy analysis, since they both lost. Ducks loss was worse, though.

boomtho: Oregon gets back on track and gets after Hundley

Washington AT Cal

Finally, our first game with split opinion!

Ruey Yen: Cal by a field goal.

Nam Le: #DROP70 (I actually felt a lot better about this before the line moved in Cal's favor)

Berkelium97: UW does not have the talent in the passing game to exploit our deficiency at pass defense.

Reef: I'm worried about the step up in competition.

boomtho: Don't think UW can stop our offense, and think we're solid enough against the run

Arizona AT USC

Opinion exactly split again

wk 7 arizona usc

Ruey Yen: Arizona stays undefeated for another week.

Nam Le: Freak accident USC loss last week. I think.

Berkelium97: After giving up 452 rushing yards to Boston College's zone read running game, USC will likely struggle to contain Solomon/Wilson.

Reef: Another zig zag.

boomtho: Guess it's time I hope on the Arizona bandwagon... probably just enough time for USC to ruin my bet


Interesting slate of games this week. 2 games are unanimous while the other 3 are quite evenly split.

Will Reef and Nam reign supreme after this week? Check back with us and find out next week!