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Cal football recruiting: Ross Bowers rebuffs Penn State, firms commitment


Ross Bowers
Ross Bowers

I'm not the biggest fan in the world of James Franklin. There are few people in the world that I really dislike, but Franklin strikes me as a grade-A megalomanic, even for college football coaches. I also feel he gets way too much credit for resurrecting Vanderbilt (the Commodores beat up on losing teams, going 17-1; they also went a pretty average4-14 against winning ones).

So I haven't been particularly thrilled that Penn State has been recruiting Cal commit Ross Bowers in recent months. The interest appeared to pick up after Penn State's QB flipped to Notre Dame recently, and the full-court press was on.

That appears to be over.

Hopefully the head-to-head matchup provided some illumination on Bowers's decision-making. Penn State also managed a grand total of six points at home against the same Northwestern team that we managed to put up 28 on in one half. Good times!

Also, I'm pretty sure he doesn't want his linemen blocking each other..

Bowers has signed a financial aid agreement, which should mean that he will arrive at Cal this winter and should be able to participate in spring practice.

Read more on Bowers via these writeups from Nam from his original commitment and this scouting report from Pacific Takes.

Go Bears!