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Cal opens as 2.5 point underdogs to Washington, now 1 to 2.5 point favorites (TwistNHook Lock Of The Year: Bet The Over!)


Steve Dykes

My ignorant journey through the world of totally legal betting continues with our line against the UW Huskies.  I continue to not understand how covering works, but I do know one thing:  you need to take the over.  I read that the over was 75ish for the WSU game.  Cal and WSU combined for 119 points.  I suspect Cal and (Insert Team Here) will score more than whatever the over is going forward in pretty much all games.  Except for the Big Game.  Stanford's offense is so bad and their defense so good, take the under there.

So, what do we see for this week?  More numbers! I love numbers!


10/11 6:00 PM
169 Washington
170 California

-2.7 -10

-1½ -10

PK -10

PK -10

Does this mean Cal is a 2.7 (?!?!) point underdog to start the week against the Huskies.  Also, what's up with the .7?  .5 not good enough for you, Vegas?  You gotta be fresh and new and different or something?  Goddamn hipsters.  This is why I take my betting advice solely from Reno, NV!  It's the Las Vegas of Washoe County!

UPDATE: We are now favored!

Dear Reader, I beseech you, what is your thought on these all important numbers?  Tell us in the comments!