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California Golden Blogs College Football Top 25 Poll: Week 10

California Golden Bloggers talk college football and vote for this week's Top 25! Does our top 4 match the Playoff Committee's initial top 4? Spoiler Alert: No.

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This week's Top 25:

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

California Golden Blogs Top 25 - Week 10

Rank Team Delta
1 Mississippi State Bulldogs --
2 Florida State Seminoles Arrow_up 1
3 Oregon Ducks Arrow_up 1
4 TCU Horned Frogs Arrow_up 1
5 Auburn Tigers Arrow_up 1
6 Arizona Wildcats Arrow_up 7
7 Kansas State Wildcats Arrow_up 2
8 Michigan State Spartans --
9 Alabama Crimson Tide Arrow_down 2
10 Mississippi Rebels Arrow_down 8
T-11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish --
T-11 Baylor Bears Arrow_up 3
13 Georgia Bulldogs Arrow_down 3
14 Utah Utes Arrow_up 1
15 Arizona State Sun Devils Arrow_down 3
16 East Carolina Pirates --
17 Ohio State Buckeyes Arrow_up 1
18 LSU Tigers Arrow_up 7
19 West Virginia Mountaineers Arrow_up 3
20 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_up 1
21 Oklahoma Sooners Arrow_down 4
22 Marshall Thundering Herd Arrow_down 3
23 Clemson Tigers --
24 Duke Blue Devils NEW
25 Minnesota Golden Gophers Arrow_down 1

Teams dropped from last week's Top 25: USC Trojans

Others receiving votes: Colorado State Rams, UCLA Bruins, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Louisville Cardinals

California Golden Blogs College Football Top 25 Rankings

atomsareenough: There was very little movement on my ballot this week. My 1-5 teams are the same, in slightly different order thanks to Mississippi losing a nailbiter at LSU. I moved Arizona up quite a bit because of how ridiculously good they looked at Wazzu. Marshall fell a bit after a slightly less impressive than usual blowout win where they trailed at the half and then didn't allow any more points to Florida Atlantic. Otherwise things look a lot like they did last week.

USC and Minnesota dropped off my ballot after losing this week, so I had to search high and low to find replacements in Duke and Colorado State. I broke one of my own rules and put Duke in after a bye week, but there just weren't a lot of good options. UCLA absolutely didn't deserve it after their lousy game at Colorado. Mizzou? That 34-0 loss against Georgia still looms too large in my mind. 3-loss Stanford? Nah. Louisville? Also coming off a bye week, and they have one more loss than Duke. So Duke it was. I'm not a huge believer in Colorado State, but they're 7-1 and I think they're decent enough.

What did you fellas see this week?

Nick Kranz: I had a major reevaluation of Notre Dame this week after taking a closer look at their schedule. Right now, their wins are against teams that are a combined 22-25 (or, if you prefer, 22-20 when they aren't playing Notre Dame. Perhaps more concerningly, Notre Dame's best win is at home, over 5-3 Stanford, in a game that they barely won. With games left against Arizona State and USC the Irish still have time to add impressive wins, but there's just not much to their schedule. Honestly, which win is ND's 2nd best win? Probably a road win over Syracuse, and that's not really doing much for me. Notre Dame slides down to 15th in my poll, behind a bunch of teams that have registered impressive wins of late.

By that same token, the Big 10 teams are really struggling to impress me because of the weakness of the conference. Michigan State's 2nd best win? On the road over Indiana. Nebraska best win? Ohio State's best win? On the road over Maryland. Nebraska? On the road vs. Northwestern. Doing something that Cal did just won't move the needle much for me. Those are the only three big 10 teams in my poll, and they will likely continue to languish in the late teens until they play each other.

FiatLux: I think you guys are pretty decent on these. I like that atoms has CSU in his top 25 - good job! I agree with Nick on revisiting Notre Dame.

Here's what I did. I went with the two undefeated Power 5 teams. Then looked at the 1 loss team.

I was going to go no my weekly thing about the prebaked SEC thing.. but this week's Top teams from the playoff committee does it for me. I could go through the SEC schedule and show how ridiculous the self credit thing get, but it aggravates me too much.

I've decided to move Florida State to #1 because I think their strength of schedule is better than Miss State's. Since they're undefeated I will have Miss State 2 (and they've played a decent OOC). I do NOT give them credit for their SEC schedule .

IMHO, there is no reason to rank any 1 loss SEC team ahead of Pac12 1 loss team so, WTF, I'm ranking the Pac12 higher.

I'm tempted to put TCU 3, but I'll go with Oregon because I think Oregon would win, 66-63.

Let me know if anything looks glaringly bad. To be honest, the bottom of the poll barely interests me...

Berkelium97: This week I'm mostly trying a blank-slate approach where I discard all the previous knowledge I had of teams. I start my ballot from scratch each week, but I usually have a general idea of where I'm going to put each team based on my perception of its quality. This week I'm looking at the schedule of every team I'm ranking to ensure that they are not too highly or lowly rated. This means teams with great records and weak schedules (Alabama, Nebraska) are punished more heavily than they have been in previous weeks.

I rewarded TCU with a big jump into the playoffs because it's hard to score 82 against anyone, let alone a power 5 team.

Speaking of which, I have Mississippi State, Florida State, Oregon, and TCU as my playoff teams.

My ballot finally gets another non-BCS team to join Marshall and ECU: welcome Colorado State!

Finally, I deliberately only included one SEC team in my top-4 because the playoff committee's rankings are a joke.

atomsareenough: Odds and ends from this week's poll:

Once again, Mississippi State was a unanimous #1. Additionally, everyone had mostly the same top 4 of Miss State, Florida State, Oregon, and TCU, except Nick, who had Auburn at #4 and TCU at #5. So, there was a lot of agreement at the top.

Actually, there was quite a bit of agreement across the board this week. Areas of disagreement include Michigan State, which FiatLux and I had in the top 10, and Nick and Berkelium had lower.

FiatLux didn't vote for Mississippi after their close loss to LSU in Death Valley. Oversight, or punishment?

Berkelium didn't include Arizona State on his ballot. The Sun Devils were on the other 3 ballots, as high as #6 on FiatLux's ballot...  Nick and I had Arizona ahead of ASU, though.

Also, Colorado State was on everybody's ballot this week, but down low in the 23-25 range. But they didn't make it onto the final ballot because FiatLux put Minnesota on his ballot way up at #18 for some reason. Nobody else had Minnesota this week because they lost to Illinois, which is something good teams generally don't do. Nonetheless, the Gophers edged the Rams in total points, and ended up knocking CSU down to #26 as a result.

Did FiatLux vote for UCLA, despite them needing double overtime against woeful Colorado in a game they deserved to lose? Of course he did. The Bruins have been on his ballot every single week so far. Maybe once they get destroyed by Arizona his season-long love affair will reach its sad culmination, or at least experience some coitus interruptus for a week.

Full ballot below:

CGB T25 W10