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New York Times omits Cal from college football fan map, finally fixes it up


Look at us! We exist!
Look at us! We exist!
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Original post:

Welcome to the most pointless college football fan map of them all. What the hell New York Times?

Stanfurd has probably close to bottom-five attendance in college football and are now being portrayed as the dominant fan presence in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Let's take a look at the fan turnout for two of Stanfurd's home games this season!

Yet for the purposes of this article, somehow the New York Times has framed it such that the Cardinal are the team that everyone roots for in the Bay Area and are the ones extending their hegemony over the Bay Area. Extend it to Northern California and it's apparently totally Oregon territory.

I mean, this paragraph was written with a straight face.

Yes, apparently Oregon fans dominate Berkeley and the East Bay. I must've missed all those Duck fans patrolling Telegraph Avenue every week.

This New York Times data makes absolutely no sense. Cal was omitted in favor not just of Furd, but also Fresno State, San Jose State, Nevada and San Diego State.  You're going to tell me we have fewer fans than half the Mountain West?