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Cuonzo Martin & David Kravish press conference video & quotes at Pac-12 Media Day

Go Bears!

Download the PDF of the full transcript.

Here are his opening remarks.

COACH MARTIN: Very excited to be here. Tremendous opportunity. Humbled to be in the Pac-12. Great league, great exposure. Things are going well for our guys. Working extremely hard. A couple things we talk about with our guys, playing with passion, energy, getting out of your comfort zone, playing with a high level of confidence. At the end of the day, your results are driven by your preparation. I think that's very important we talk to our guys about. We have to consistently perform at a high level every day.

A sample question.

Coach, speaking of David Kravish, coming in off the bat, what struck you about him as a player for this program?

COACH MARTIN: I had a chance to watch him when he was home at Missouri. Thin framed, very talented. He's about 240 pounds now. Plays both ends of the floor, blocks shots, can score the ball. Really improved his perimeter shot for us in the off - season. I wanted him to stress shooting the high post three - point shot. But the guy is just battle tested. Understands what it means to win. Probably one of the better leaders I've ever been around.

Now watch Cuonzo boogie.