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CGB does the Pac12 lines - Week 9 extravaganza!

Join you intrepid CGB writers as they stare into the vast unknown of a 6 game week.

The Big Lead

Welcome back to another exciting edition of "More chances to horribly, publicly, embarrassingly wrong: CGB style!"

This is a somewhat exciting week because it's the first one in a while with 6 games on tap.

Without further ado, let's dive in!

Last week recap

First, let's take a look at the overall leaderboard and see who helped their case last week.

week 9 last wk recap

Please ignore my misspelling of the word Week as well :) typing on Caltrain is hard!

Reef maintains his overall lead with an impressive 75% correct, while I (boomtho) bungled my way into 4/5 correct picks.

wk 9 last week detail

Looking at the detail, the Utah and Oregon games were correctly picked at the highest rate, with the other 3 games each getting 3/5 correct picks. Overall, a very good week for the writers!

This week's picks

Oregon "at" Cal (grumble grumble neutral site game)

wk 9 cal uo

Tough week projected for the Bears as 4/6 writers think that Cal loses by more than 19. I think it's supposed to rain, so that might work out in our favor.

Nam Le: I could see it either way...but common sense says the Ducks.

Ruey Yen: Bears keep it relatively close

Reef: This is a really hard week.

Vincent S: I'm assuming most of our pass rush is still injured here.

Berkelium97: Royce Freeman

boomtho: Oregon too explosive for us to contain, and the Ducks get after Goff

UCLA at Colorado

Again, nearly unanimous picks with Ruey the sole believer in Colorado.

Nam Le: I believed in Colorado last week. Call it gambler's remorse.

Ruey Yen: Bruins don't cover again

Reef: This is a really hard week.

Vincent S: [No comment]

Berkelium97: Colorado has already lost by 13+ at home to Colorado State and ASU. I don't see why UCLA can't accomplish the same feat.

boomtho: Colorado's defense very vulnerable through the air (see: Kessler, 7 TD's) and Hundley is good enough to take advantage

OSU at Furd

An even split! This one is tough to call - think everyone believes in Furd's defense but no one is convinced Furd can score 14+ points.Nam Le: Stanford's having trouble SCORING two touchdowns, let alone beating someone by that much.

Ruey Yen: Furdies also deserve some homec.oming disappointments.

Reef: This is a really hard week.

Vincent S: [No comment]

Berkelium97: Picking the Lobsterbacks to beat anyone by double digits seems unwise.

boomtho: Furd might only score 14 but they smother Mannion

Arizona at Washington State

Nam Le: I don't think Zona is very good anyway, but they're coming off a bye and a loss to USC that should have been prevented. Think that's worth more than 2.5 points.

Ruey Yen: Zona is the better team

Reef: This is a really hard week.

Vincent S: [no comment]

Berkelium97: With a week off to refocus and get ready for the final stretch of the season, Wazzu could be primed to get the upset win.

boomtho: Just think Zona is better

USC at Utah

Nam Le: Pick em...and you guys know by now I like USC more than most.

Ruey Yen: When in doubt, go with the home team.

Reef: This is a really hard week.

Vincent S: [no comment]

Berkelium97: Every three weeks USC turns in a terrible performance. Guess how many weeks it has been since their last faceplant.

boomtho: USC vulnerable on the ground, but think their talent and athleticism is too much to overcome


Nam Le: Rumors (as of pick time) say it'll be Taylor Kelly instead of Bercovici. Well, alright.

Ruey Yen: ASU win over Furd was impressive

Reef: This is a really hard week.

Vincent S: [no comment]

Berkelium97: Even if Kelly doesn't end up starting I would pick ASU. The Sun Devils have been too good over the past two games.

boomtho: huck the fuskies

Wrap up

Lots of consensus this week - ASU is unanimous and Arizona and Colorado are nearly there. Join us next Thursday (same time, same place, same everything!) to see how this week went!