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CGB betting lines: last week's recap + next week's adventure

In which we learn that most CGB writers aren't idiots!! (or small sample size...)

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Thank you for joining us for the second betting lines post on CGB! Hopefully this is a somewhat entertaining read for you, but if there are any ways you'd like to see the post change (beyond us being markedly better, or worse, to win you money) please post in the comments!

Also, Berkelium97 didn't submit answer this week. If anyone has heard from him, please let us know - otherwise he may have failed to pay off the loan shark he used to make his bets last week...

Last, we will not be doing the over/under going forward because the lines come out so late.

Last week recap

Nam, Reef, and myself (shockingly I know!) all led the way with 7 correct picks out of 10 possible As our picks undoubtedly turn south, please remember this moment of glory!


See below for the detailed picks. No real clear distinction between our picking ability on spread and over/under, though the perhaps most obvious bet of all, the Cal/Colorado over, paid off for everybody.


This week's picks

Arizona at Oregon


Vincent S: Sneaking suspicion Solomon isn't as good as he was in the second half against Cal.

Nam Le: Autzen or not, the Oregon line is a huge work in progress with all the injuries, AND Arizona beat them last year.

Ruey Yen: Ducks are at home

boomtho: Oregon is really, really good and Arizona isn't. Think the inevitable second half push will seal the cover.

Furd at ND


Nam Le: Go Irish.Ruey Yen: PAC-12 pride, even if reluctantly

boomtho: I'm never a believer in ND, so I think Furd's defense carries the day.

OSU at Cololrado


Nam Le: A home dog by close to 8 points? Against a not at all impressive OSU squad? Hm.

Ruey Yen: OSU with a small win

boomtho: I'm not sure what OSU has done to deserve to be favored by 7.5.. but I obviously missed it.

Arizona State at USC


Vincent S: Still no Taylor Kelly?

Nam Le: USC is good, y'all.

Ruey Yen: ASU bounces back from being routed by UCLA last week

boomtho: I don't think Kelly is playing, so I expect USC's defense to smother ASU

Utah at UCLA


Vincent S: Utah isn't as hot a South pick now, and isn't quite as good away from Rice-Eccles

Nam Le: Looks a few points too high for my taste. If the Bruins are really back, they'll cover. I'm not convinced they're back yet.

Ruey Yen: Bruins don't cover

boomtho: After seeing what UCLA did last week, I expect their offense to be excellent again

Cal at Wazzu


Vincent S: Of course.

Nam Le: Still too close for my liking, but I'll roll with it.

Ruey Yen: Go Bears!

Reef: I've got a midnight deadline on a report, so I'm gonna go with all dogs this week and see if that works out.

boomtho: Because GO BEARS, that's why.


Lots of split opinion this week. Cal is the unanimous game (no duh) and Colorado is nearly the unanimous favorite. Let's see how it works for everyone - GO BEARS!