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Golden Nuggets: Aaron Rodgers meets "Aaron Rodgers", and the Field Hockey Title IX Attorneys Seek Resolution to Lawsuit.

Field Hockey's woes and lack of facilities come to a head as attorneys for the athletes and the University meet to attempt to find room for an agreement.

Mike Ehrmann

Field Hockey Title XI Lawsuit

The sad situation surrounding Cal's Field Hockey team and their complete lack of facilities (note: not inadequate. complete lack of.) has flown somewhat under the radar until a Title IX lawsuit was filed. It is difficult to say, given the circumstances, that something like this should never happen at Cal. For all we would like to believe about our alma mater being "better than that", it wasn't.

Mark Purdy at the Merc has a great write-up about the situation. Read on at his blog, The World's Smartest Stupid Sports Blog.

The first thing that Shellie Onstead wants everybody to know is this: She is a loyal Cal Bear.

As if there was any question about that. Onstead, the women's field hockey coach at Berkeley, was the school's first All-American player in the sport there and has spent virtually her entire professional life on the campus. She has proudly represented the school as a player and coach at the international level. She's in the Cal Hall of Fame.

That said, Onstead is also frustrated and pained. The situation with her team, which has no home field this season for either games or practices-with no firm prospects for such a field in the future-has reached a crisis point.

"I really went out of my way to try and keep quiet about things," said Onstead at her office Wednesday afternoon. "I was naïve. I was thinking, ‘No way will they let this happen.' I wake up every morning thinking, ‘How'd we get here?' "

Can't blame her.

Throughout the entire Memorial Stadium retrofit and renovation process, the mission statement was constantly aired as one for all student-athletes at Cal, not just football. And for the most part, that has been the case. However, seeing even one program get left behind is beyond distressing, and hopefully a constructive solution is found soon.

Men's Basketball

Women's Tennis

Cal's third-seeded Klara Fabikova and Zsofi Susanyi upset the top-seeded Maegan Manasse and Denise Starr on Tuesday at the USTA/ITA Northwest Regional Championships.


The Golden Bears face off against Utah on Friday and Colorado on Sunday for a weekend trip to the Mountain schools of the Pac-12.

Men's Golf

Cal came from two shots behind at the beginning of the third and final round for a two-stroke victory over Arizona State at the Alister MacKenzie Invitational.

Men's Swimming and Diving

GBAC Bear Days

From the Twitters


One of the greatest Bears! #differencemaker #calwbbfam #tbt

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National Football League

Aaron Rodgers meets his doppelganger, Tom Wigglesworth.


Coaches Corner with running backs coach and recruiting coordinator Pierre Ingram. How much has Daniel Lasco improved this year and what does he bring to the offense?

Pierre Ingram: I think it's been a crucial piece to this mad science we have going on offense right now. We have a bunch of guys that are playmakers, but his progress and ability has allowed us to be able to run the ball consistently and that's key in this offense. A lot of people think it's predicated on passing the ball, but you have to have a mixture of running the ball in what we do.

CB: Was there anything different you did this offseason with Lasco compared to last year?

PI: We trained a little bit in drill work and we went back and watched last year. We actually incorporated a little bit of his high school stuff to show him who he truly is as a running back. The thing about Daniel is he's a complete back but I think some of the tools that he has weren't being used in the past years. We just wanted to show him his ability and a sense of confidence that he needed to gain. That was the main thing, alerting him that he can be that back, be a feature back and I think he took to it.

Coming up Saturday: The Golden Bears look to continue their 16-year home winning streak against the Bruins of UCLA.

On Saturday, Noah Westerfield will be starting for the Golden Bears. This was never a foregone conclusion, except for one person: his mother. Take it away, Ryan Gorcey.

"His mother told me, ‘He's going to play early,'" says Bears linebacker coach Garret Chachere -- Westerfield's primary recruiter when he was still the defensive ends coach. "She told me. He's got a sister who plays basketball, so she's not one of these ladies that's like, ‘My son's the greatest.' She just said, ‘Coach, I'll tell you this: You've got somebody who people are going to talk about. He's going to play early for you, coach.' Just from our conversations, I thought, ‘She might be right.'"