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CGB Week 8 betting picks - don't point and laugh too loudly, please!

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Hello readers, welcome back for another edition of the CGB weekly picks, aka 'Hindsight sure is a b****'

Recap of last week

This week's recap is a little less exciting, both because there were only 4 games and the Wazzu/Furd game was a push. Because of that push, I'm treating it like that game didn't happen (for calculating the correct percentages you'll see later).

Ruey was a perfect 3 for 3 last week, so everyone should definitely check with him for stock market advice, stat! At a higher level, Reef and Nam continue to set the pace, with Ruey close behind. Poor Vincent S has had a rough start to the season, but there is plenty of time left for him to make up ground.

week 8 last wk recap

Looking at the detail, no one believed in UCLA (which bodes will for this week, maybe?) but there were split results across the other games.

week 8 last wk detail

To sum up, it's still early, but Reef appears to have the early edge. Everyone should  make sure to tell him that it will NOT be alright moving forward, though!

This week's picks


We get to start off with a nearly unanimously picked game! Ruey is the lone believer in Riley and the Beavs.

wk 8 utah osu

boomtho: I don't really understand why this line is so low... but I've been down on OSU most of the year

Ruey Yen: When in doubt, go with the home team.

Berkelium97: It's tough to pick against the Beavs at home, but I like Utah's moxie so far this season.

Nam Le: Oregon State is maybe the most yawn inducing Pac-12 team at this point, and with their current resume, I just don't see them winning. This is their chance to prove some legitimacy after a very soft out of conference slate, a closer than expected Colorado win, and a complete blowout to USC.

Reef: OSU just isn't good, right?

Vincent S: A solid defense carries the day

UCLA AT Cal (little brother returns home!)

Very mixed opinion about this game. Frankly, I personally wanted to pick UCLA, but I'll ride or die with my Bears! Also I think, based on his comment, that Vincent may have meant to pick Cal...?

boomtho: I think Cal will respond well instead of an amped up crowd at home

Ruey Yen: Bears do have good track record at home against UCLA.

Berkelium97: The thought of Brett Hundley passing against our depleted secondary terrifies me.

Nam Le: Really not sure. Took the home dog.

Reef: I'm worried about ucla scoring a million on our D.

Vincent S: Like I'm picking Cal to lose by more than 7 points at home against UCLA.

Colorado AT USC

Again, mixed opinions, though I doubt anyone expects Colorado to win... just cover.

wk 8 col usc

boomtho: This is a big line for USC to cover, and I sense Colorado may get a backdoor cover

Ruey Yen: USC wins but doesn't cover.

Berkelium97: I might have picked Colorado if the game were in Boulder.

Nam Le: USC will win. I'm just not sure they blow out a very feisty Colorado team that is going to win a Pac-12 game sooner or later.

Reef: Seems like this is really just about how big a margin SC wants. At home, probably pretty big.

Washington AT Oregon

Reef bucks his own trend and takes a dog this week, while overall opinion is roughly split.

wk 8 uw uo

boomtho: Still don't think Washington is that good and Oregon should run away with this one easily

Ruey Yen: Ducks in retro uniform will run up the score to try to impress voters.

Berkelium97: Last time Oregon wore its block UO helmets, a confident team coming off a solid road win was routed 42-3. I expect the same on Saturday.

Nam Le: After watching what the Washington defense did to us, it's hard not to think they'll find a way to keep it close. Too talented.

Reef: Back door cover, I hope?

Vincent S: I could see this going either way, but history is on Oregon's side.


Interestingly, this game may swing on whether Kelly is back and who guessed right.

wk 8 furd asu

boomtho: Think ASU is too explosive with Kelly returning

Ruey Yen: Furd is the better team.

Berkelium97: If I were Kelly, I might consider returning next week instead of facing the league's most ferocious front seven.


Reef: I hate furd.

Vincent S: Might have picked ASU if Taylor Kelly were playing.

Wrap up

Bigger slate of games this week should mean more of a chance for differentiation. Check back next week with us to see who reigns supreme! (again, probably Reef)