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California Golden Blogs wants more dedicated Cal writers

Soon we will be the California Golden Borg.

Ezra Shaw

We love CGB. We couldn't be prouder of the community we've built over the past seven years. From its early days on Blogsome to the transition period at SB Nation to becoming one of the flagship sites of the college network, California Golden Blogs has set the standard for the way a site should cover a program they love. We hope Cal fans all over and the Golden Bears we cover feel similarly.

That's why it's time for it to grow a little bit more.

Being that we're all Bears, we tend to have a lot on our plate in life, so we can't always be writing about Cal all the time.  Thus, it's time to start opening the doors a little bit more to new blood and new writers. The site has a few areas where we would like to improve our coverage, and we know that there are many of you who would like to write for us. Hopefully we can provide you with that opportunity.

Here are the current positions we would like to fill.

Note: CGB does not offer compensation for new writers. All money we receive is donated to the Cal Band. Almost all of us write here because of our love for the Bears. For those of you pursuing careers in the sports writing world, this is a great chance to gain work experience before moving on in your career (see below the opportunities our site has produced recently for writers looking for something better) .

Recruiting editor

We are looking for someone to do one or more of the following, depending on your time availabilities.

  • Provide regular updates on Cal recruits, commits and targets on a weekly basis (our Golden Recruiting Wire). This is the bare minimum we require out of this job, with the rest dependent on how much you want to commit.
  • Keep track of the latest updates via recruiting news sites and social media accounts.
  • Do occasional scouting reports or previewing potential Bears who have been offered, mostly on non-commits (Nam generally will handle our commitment stories and scouting reports).
  • Potentially conduct Q&As with recruits interested in or who have verballed to Cal. Good chance to brush up on your interviewing chops.
  • This is primarily for football. Basketball would be awesome too, but we don't want to overload you if that's too much. Football is the priority.

Basketball reporter and writer

  • We would be looking for someone to produce regular content on Cal men's hoops throughout the season and extending into the offseason.
  • We'd be looking for someone to write occasional previews, recaps, and/or features (these duties will be shared with other members of the CGB staff). We have a huge hoops staff but definitely could use a focal writer who would be willing to write 2-3 pieces a week.
  • If you are in the Bay Area, you would potentially have access to a credential to attend Cal men's basketball games and press conferences on press row. You would get the chance to write regular dispatches, potentially conduct interviews, and gain valuable experience as a beat reporter!
  • If this interests you, we'd love someone covering hoops recruiting during the offseason and keeping track of our recruiting efforts on a regular basis.

CGB multi-purpose writer

  • This is a general position that can be much or as little as you'd like.
  • Your primary responsibility will be covering breaking news stories. We are looking for someone who is generally always on the Internet monitoring social media for the latest Cal stories and would be willing to write breaking news when the opportunity presents itself.
  • You would also be willing to work on assignment from the CGB editorial staff. This will not happen often. 
  • We won't restrict you to just assignments though! If you have ideas for posts or features that you think would add to the CGB experience, email us and we can discuss.

Writers from CGB have gone on to find additional opportunities to work at SB Nation, Rivals, CBS Sports, ESPNU, and local news affiliates like KCRA Sacramento. Our writers span all walks of life and forms of the Cal tradition, working in fields like law and government, medicine and technology, education and academia. You'll have plenty of dependable Golden Bears around you and an excellent support groups in case you have questions or desire mentorship with your writing or any career advice you might like. And we will be happy to provide letters of reference if you do go on to seek future employment.

Please email your intros, resumes and writing samples to!