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Andy Buh no longer defensive coordinator, Barry Sacks & Randy Stewart out.

Big changes ahead!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there you go.  Something has happened, and Andy Buh will no longer be our defensive coordinator. But he will be back! Two other coaches won't be though.

BERKELEY – Cal head football coach Sonny Dykes announced a restructuring of the Golden Bears’ defensive coaching staff on Wednesday. Defensive coordinator Andy Buh has been reassigned as a position coach, while defensive tackles coach Barry Sacks and defensive backs coach Randy Stewart will not return in 2014.

I believe both Barry Sacks and Randy Stewart are on one-year deals so Sonny probably just let their contracts expire and didn't renew them. Andy Buh has a three year deal at $500,000 per year as the defensive coordinator, but he'll probably work on a restructuring of his contract somehow.  Perhaps the buyout will be lowered?

No information on who will be the new defensive coordinator. or who will replace Sacks/Stewart.  When we get that information, we'll pass it along.  What is your thought on this?  Fans have been clamoring for it for a long time now and there you go.  Having said that, I'm still somewhat concerned with Buh as linebacker coach considering like 80% of all the Cal linebackers just left the program.  But here's to new futures!  GO BEARS!