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Golden Recruiting Wire: Luke Rubenzer & Vic Enwere excel in Blue-Grey Game

Luke and Vic killed it in their all-star game! Plus updates on Tee Shepard, Marcus Griffin, Tre Watson, Koa Farmer and more.

Stephen Lam

After roughly 5 months of intensive LSAT study, applications, and a new job, I have returned to my recruiting post.

I only loosely followed the football team this last year. I only went to one game- I think that's an all-time low for me ever since I started coming to games as a 10 year old. I wasn't disinterested; perhaps it was some sort of psychological coping mechanism to help me deal with a 1-11 season.

Anyway, things appear to have gone nuclear. Players transferring, guys going to the NFL who clearly aren't ready. Cal football is going to have to do a bit of soul searching these next few years.

Is Dykes the right guy? Should Buh stay on board? Is Sandy the right person to lead our athletic department? I've thought a lot about these questions. Many of us younger Cal fans have never experienced anything like this before. I grew up going to Cal games expecting us to absolutely dominate the opponent. Watching Cal football and expecting to have lost the game by half-time just doesn't feel right.

Anyway, I just needed to get some of those sentiments out there. Here's what's going on with recruiting. Clicks for Avi for bringing me up to speed with everything.

Here's some tape from the Blue and Grey game that focuses on the performances of Luke Rubenzer and Vic Enwere.

Luke looks pretty ridiculous. What a baller. The kid got MVP. Vic looks good too. My favorite aspect of this is that it looks like these two kids are developing a friendship and a little chemistry before they even get on campus. I feel safe saying that these are two of our more firm commits.

With the running back situation uncertain, Vic could be asked to step up sooner rather than later. I don't see Goff on the bench anytime soon, but quite frankly, after watching him this season I think he could go pro in 2 years. So Luke may not have to sit for an unusual amount of time, and will serve as a valuable back-up for the time being.

Luke may also be called on for certain packages. A lot of teams like to do this with their speed quarterback. I'm not a huge fan, as I think dual quarterback systems generally don't work, but I could see this being effective for red-zone situations.

Tre Watson:

I originally thought that holding onto Tre was unlikely to happen. Mora was after him hard for a while, but UCLA just landed running back Nathan Starks who can play both ways and was recruited by some top flight programs. Also, Washington just got involved.

Now that Mora has got his guy in Westwood, I feel a lot more comfortable about Watson staying a Bear. No way to tell how much interest Watson has in UW; I'd like to think we have the edge over them in this instance since we already have his comitment, but don't quote me.

Koa Farmer:

He's shopping around also. It would really suck to lose him, as he's been committed for over a year now, and we desperately need DB help. Looks like he's making a trip down to Vandy after he visits Cal.

I'm still confident he'll stay for whatever reason. I don't see Vandy as a huge threat for nabbing a So-Cal recruit, unless he absolutely falls in love with the place. I think the real issue would be losing him to USC, but they haven't offered yet.

Chandler Leniu:

4- star Mike linebacker from John Bosco prep. Good player. He says his commitment to Wazzu is up in the air, and has arranged a visit to Cal.

It's hard to guess where he's going to go. Both defenses don't offer a great deal to a prospective recruit right now. It would be nice to get a solid LB recruit, especially considering the state of disarray that is our LB corps right now.

Bear Territory got to interview Cal's latest Elite 11 recruit, Tyler Hilinsky.

This kid doesn't have a lot of offers yet, but he's still young of course. It would be pretty awesome if we can make it a habit of snagging an elite 11 QB annually. Those guys all seem to turn out pretty well at the college level (cough cough Jameis Winston).

Tee Shepard:

One of the most sought after JUCO recruits in the land, Tee Shepard is starting to finalize his visit list. This kid is an absolute baller, and would really help our much maligned defense. It's going to be an uphill battle to get him to commit given how popular he has become. 247 thinks hes going to Oklahoma, which wouldn't surprise me one bit given their latest bowl performance. In fact, he's set to visit there on the 17th of this month.

Marcus Griffin:

Bellevue Defensive tackle. Wazzu is supposed to be the favorite but I'd say that we are also in the mix here. He just recently got offered by Cincinnati.

He's visiting Cal this month also.

Aisea Tongilava:

Linebacker who hasn't gotten a ton of love, but looks to possess some nice speed. A bit undersized, but still played a lot of d-line in high school. He committed to San Jose State last July but looks to have opened it back up .

Kolton Miller:

Talented offensive tackle recruit who was recently offered by Oregon. The kids gotten some good national exposure, and has seen his stock rise. I'd say we're probably out of the mix, with him choosing between the two Oregon school: Oregon and Oregon State. That's just my conjecture though.

That's all for this week guys. Sorry nothing to substantive. It's nice getting back in the mix of things though.