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A eulogy for you, BCS

Tonight, we say goodbye to the system that has governed the last sixteen seasons of college football. Sometimes fairly, rarely without controversy, and always, always with intrigue and drama.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You gave us a helluva night, BCS.

Wait, let me correct my self -- you gave us a helluva lot of nights, BCS. Nights that reminded me, and everyone else of how much we love this sport, this 60 minute drama called college football. You made legends out of Ian Johnson and Jared Zabransky, gods out of Vince Young and Maurice Clarett.

And tonight is the end of you; your unpredictability, your chaos and your insanity pushed aside in favor of the logical, the fair. The more structured College Football Playoff will premiere next year, in hopes of ending the anger that always accompanied your selections. Maybe that will prove better long term.

Who knows, though?

We would like to commemorate your thrilling career by going over the following teams made an appearance during that sixteen year run, none of which are named Cal:

  • Syracuse saw themselves juiced by the 1999 Florida Gators.
  • The Purdue Boilermakers, who fell 34-24 in their 2001 Rose Bowl appearance.
  • Maryland, which got got curb-stomped by Florida in the 2002 Orange Bowl, losing by nearly five touchdowns.
  • USC emerged triumphant 38-17 over the 2002-2003 Iowa Hawkeyes. Kirk Ferentz would lead them back to a second BCS bowl in 2010, where they would beat Georgia Tech 24-10.
  • An Urban Meyer coached Utah team crashed the BCS party for the 2005 Fiesta Bowl, defeating Pitt. The Utes would return to upset a heavily favored Alabama team in the 2009 Sugar Bowl, giving them two BCS appearances in 16 years.
  • An undefeated Hawaii found their way into the 2008 Sugar Bowl, where then record-setter Colt Brennan and company proved no match for a ferocious Georgia Bulldog defense.
  • Stanford. FIVE TIMES, AND FOUR IN A ROW. FOUR. IN. A. ROW. Oh god, I can't breat-hang on, let me just -- 831224606_medium

    Ah, that's better. Let's continue.

  • The following, only somewhat heralded Pac-12 programs, the kind that Cal needs to beat consistently to become top tier: Oregon State, the aforementioned Washington appearance, Colorado, Washington State
  • An 11-2 Wake Forest team, which fell to Louisville in the 2007 Orange Bowl. A Teddy Bridgewater led Louisville team upset Florida in the 2013 Sugar Bowl, as well.
  • The mighty, mighty UCF Knights who charged into this year's Fiesta and took down the vaunted Baylor. Right mascot, wrong team.
  • Connecticut got the honor of being mudstomped by Oklahoma in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl, 48-20.
  • Northern Illinois. Yup. Just...yup.
With all of those teams who saw a turn before us, I suppose you haven't been particularly kind to those who rock the Blue and Gold. Perhaps ushering in a new Playoff era can kill some of the bad mojo lingering over the Student Athlete High Performance Center. We hope.

But the bitterness that still lingers does not mean that we did not appreciate the magic you created -- we did, and a night like tonight should only reinforce that.

Goodbye, BCS. You left us in the right way, with one more gift of a game.

We just wish we had gotten the chance to actually play in one.

Of course, none of this would need to be written if it weren't for 2004. Fucking Batshit Crazy Selecting *mutters under breath*.