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Johnny Ragin III ends up at Oregon, Freddie Tagaloa to Arizona

Ragin will probably suit up against Cal in 2015. Cal does not play Arizona in 2015-16, so Tagaloa will be less of a concern.

Steve Dykes

For those of you were wondering, Johnny Ragin III will end up at Oregon as expected after deciding to transfer from Cal.

Per transfer eligibility rules, Ragin III will sit out the 2014 regular season, but will be available to play for 2015.

Not familiar with Ragin? Ragin switched his commitment from BYU to Cal last year and registered an incredible SPARQ rating. It's unclear why Ragin decided that Cal wasn't the place for him (rumors are a mixture of LOLBUH and "why can't we all just get along" and he wasn't a fan of Top Dog or something), but Ragin will now be closer to home (Ragin is originally from Wilsonville, Oregon). If he's happer with the Ducks, more power to him!

Oregon has a host of sophomore linebackers, but it is primarily juniors and seniors who are at the top of the linebacking depth charts. Derrick Malone, Rodney Hardrick, Boseko Lokombo are the three top linebacking tacklers this year, and they will all be gone by the time Ragin is eligible to play at Oregon. I imagine Ragin will be good enough to see the field.

UPDATE: Freddie Tagaloa is also officially on his way for a reunion with Coach M. Tagaloa is headed to the Arizona Wildcats and will be suiting up for Rich Rod in 2015.

It's not surprising that Tagaloa is heading to Arizona. Jim Michalzick was Tagaloa's primary recruiter coming out of college, and Tagaloa just seemed to be diminishing in his role in the lineup through the season. Tagaloa moved from tackle to guard to out of the lineup by the end of 2013, and it just seemed like his time had come to an end here barring a drastic turnaround. Some players just don't mesh when confronted with a radically different scheme than the one they were probably recruited for, and that was probably the case with Tagaloa.

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