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Gamethread: Men's basketball vs. Arizona State Sun Devils

Can the Bears break a nightmare of a losing streak against Sparky and friends?


When: 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET
Live on ESPNU
Listen live with the TuneIn app or on the radio: KGO 810 AM
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The Pac-12 season got off to a great start for us thanks to a huge 5–0 start that featured big wins over Stanfurd, a ranked Oregon squad deep in the woods, dominant second-half play, and convincing wins over the Washington schools.

Then, LA happened.

Now, the Bears are sitting at 14–6, 5–2 in the Pac-12. Can Coach Montgomery and Justin Cobbs lead the Bears back on track or was LA just the first sign of a deeper problem?

CGB's got you covered for the pregame with the esteemed Scott Chong's game preview and our Q&A with House of Sparky. And when it's time for tip-off, come cheer for the Bears right here in the gamethread.

P.S.: And don't forget for Saturday's game against no. 1 Arizona—GOLD OUT HAAS