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Golden Recruiting Wire: Less than 2 Weeks to National Signing Day

The 2014 recruiting class begins to finalize!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a ton of movement in terms of recruitment the last few weeks, and there likely will be more in the days to come. Here's what's going on:

First and foremost, we have 2 new commits this week. John Porchivina and Noah Westerfield. I would do a more in depth analysis on them, but Nam already did a great job yesterday.

Congrats on becoming Bears you guys!

Some of these other guys were in Berkeley this last weekend.

Jonathan Vickers, RB.

The FSU commit seems to have remained steadfast, and hasn't shown any signs of flipping even after his visit this last weekend. I was impressed we got him out here in the first place. I'm extremely doubtful that his status will change in the coming weeks but who knows. I've been wrong before.

Shay Fields, WR

Shay was also in town this last weekend. He's a recent USC decommit if you remember. His top choices seem to be us, Colorado, and a few other PAC 12 schools. I actually like to think that we have a pretty good shot here if all the right pieces fall into play. I think the coaching staff wants him pretty bad to bring some extra depth to what is not a strong receiving class thus far.

USC doesn't seem to be too upset about losing him too..

He'd definitely be a nice guy to have. Fingers crossed!

Jaylen Johnson, DE.

Johnson was also here this past weekend. Not a ton of news on whether or not his OV will have an impact on his decision. Right now most people believe he's leaning towards other PAC-12 schools, i.e. USC and UW.

Aisea Tongilava, OLB.

Aisea committed to Cal last night! Big pick up for Andy Buh and company.

Also, as most of you have heard, the not so good news this week was Koa Farmer flipping from Cal to Penn State. Koa was an incredible talent and it's a real bummer he won't be wearing blue and gold. At least he's not going to a school within the conference though.

Marcus Griffin, DT.

Still unsure where he'll end up, even after his January 17th weekend visit. We look to still be in the running but I truly have no idea where this guy will end up playing.

Chandler Leniu, ILB.

Recent Wazzu decommit. Most recruiting people think we're in a good spot to get him right now, as he apparently really enjoyed his time in Berkeley this last weekend.

Louis Vecchio, DE and TE

The Villa Park product hasn't had much recruiting buzz around him but looks like he may be a last second pick up for us. It's probably between us and Boise State, which he visited very recently. Rumor has it that he may be making a trip to Berkeley in the coming days though...'

Last but not least, our only confirmed visitor next week is OG Harry Warner from Phillips Exeter Academy. I unfortunately was not able to find any tape on Harry, but I have confidence that if we are recruiting him, then the coaching staff must see some talent. The main schools he's being recruited by as of now are William and Mary (which does produce the occasional NFL star) , Brown, Princeton, and Fordham. If anything, it looks like Harry can get it done in the classroom--always a plus.