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Cal women's basketball vs. UCLA: Gamethread

This game overlaps with the Cal men vs. UCLA, because the Pac-12 hates us.


When: 6:00 pm
TV: Pac-12 Network

Quickie keys to the game:

1 - Short memories. Losing to USC was painful. Forget it. Purge it from the minds, and play the basketball we all know this team is capable of.

2 - Keep attacking the basket. Cal lost to USC in part because they went away from what they're good at - getting the ball into the key and drawing fouls. UCLA is thin and foul trouble is something they'd have trouble dealing with. Keep pounding the ball inside.

3. Defensive rebounding. UCLA has trouble making shots. If they're not getting 2nd chances, they're unlikely to be able to outscore Cal. One and done and we'll get the win.