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Chris McCain declares early for NFL Draft

What bizarre universe are we in.

Harry How

The names of starting Bears leaving Cal early is a bit staggering. Cornerback Kameron Jackson. Linebacker Khairi Fortt. Tight end Richard Rodgers. Defensive lineman Vei Moala. Running back Brendan Bigelow. We were really a talented group weren't we?

Now the already-departed Chris McCain will join them.

I guess this isn't too much of a surprise. McCain still was enrolled at Cal when he was booted off the team, but with no football it seems like he was ready to move onto the next level. McCain is a talented pass rusher with decent athleticism and long arms, but I imagine like many of these early-entrees they'll have a tough road to get drafted.

He's not on the team anymore, but just for the record, that's SIX Golden Bear juniors who started opening day and are now declaring early for the 2014 NFL Draft. From a 1-11 team. If we haven't broken records of some sorts then I'm not sure what else we have to do.