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Andy Buh, the Cal defensive coordinator we need

Here is my essay on why Andy Buh is the best choice to be the next Cal defensive coordinator.

Thearon W. Henderson

He's familiar with Sonny

He's worked with him very closely. He's worked with him before as a defensive coordinator. He's even worked with him before at Cal! These seem like advantages that no other candidate in the field comes close to enjoying and should give him the edge in any hiring search.

People who get to know each other and work with each other for a long period of time build trust and connections that last a lifetime. Doing this could be the last step Sonny and Andy need to ensure that people in the locker room not only feel secure about themselves; it could also help them confess their deepest and darkest secrets and lead to the emotional resolutions that make everyone happy.

D.C. candidates who are not Andy Buh: Ron English Greg Robinson Art Kaufman

He's familiar with Cal

In terms of hands-on experience with this unit, no one knows this defense better than Andy does. He knows all these players. He knows their families really well. He has installed defensive schemes that the team currently runs (what a coincidence)

Studies show that knowing people for a longer period of time makes it easier for everyone to become friends with each other. There's a very good chance that Andy and his players will come together one night, down some pistachio ice cream and bond over a Shrek marathon. They'll grow and develop into responsible individuals and be better people for it. This will make everyone feel welcome and loved and we'll all be better people for it.

He doesn't have to move

When coaches have to change scenery, it tends to be a very difficult time. There are difficult conversations with the wives about having to find new book clubs to join. The children are wondering which new friends they're going to have to make this time around.

Andy Buh would not have to leave his house and find something a little bit cheaper (which is what he would need if he was just a position coach). People get attached to their homes the longer they live in them and I imagine Andy and his family would find it difficult to start over and probably have to make new friends. As Cal grads, we should realize it's the right thing to do.

He's learned his lesson

Look, the message has come through loud and clear. Andy Buh was not very good at coaching and leading a Division I defense this year. By demoting him, Sonny has made it clear that he will no longer accept Andy being a bad defensive coordinator. So this time if he doesn't do it right, Andy has no one to blame but himself.

We hurt his feelings

See, when you marginalize someone in your organization, you usually lower their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. That makes them feel threatened and confused and self-loathing and could increase the chances they drink more Diet Dr. Pepper, and good lord knows we need to save people from themselves.

There are plenty of studies indicating that the best thing to do in this situation is to provide some sort of monetary incentive to keep people motivated. So by giving Buh a promotion and extra money he will be compelled to produce better than ever.

Moreover, hurting people is a bad example to set for our children.

Thank you for your time. Choose with your hearts.