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Cal defensive coordinator rumors: Art Kaufman lead candidate, no announcement today?


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

We are now approaching the two week mark since Sonny Dykes decided it was time to cut the cord with Andy Buh as his defensive coordinator, Barry Sacks as his defensive line coach and Randy Stewart as his defensive backs coach and start anew.

Although there was word of a potential announcement, Monday went by without any talk of a new defensive coordinator, although we did manage to get an exciting name like Duane Akina thrown into the mix of future Cal coaches. Tuesday is starting to look like it might be more of the same.

Maybe this is Sonny's grand plan. No more defensive coaches this year! All plays will be called by the fans in the stands next year (Blitz 11!).

More defensive coordinator candidates: Ron English Greg Robinson Todd Orlando

Right now, all we have to announce is this rumor.

As we've discussed before, Kaufman seems to be one of the big candidates that Sonny has gone after. If this rumor is to be believed, he's target number one and could provide an instant upgrade in terms of experience and results on the field as a defensive coordinator.

But in all likelihood we won't know if it's him today! So stay patient and we might have something by March.