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UCLA football chaos: Jim Mora pursued by Texas, Brett Hundley & the NFL Draft?


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So I'll go on record saying that the UCLA Bruins are probably the prohibitive favorite to win the Pac-12 next year. They return a majority of their talent (including all those freshmen), they get Oregon and Stanfurd and USC at home, and would probably host the Pac-12 championship if they could pull off that trifecta and knock off Arizona State.

But that's contingent on two things: head coach Jim Mora and quarterback Brett Hundley staying put in Westwood. Mora has inked an extension and seems to be staying put, but what happens if Hundley decides to move onto the next level?


So it's not clear if Hundley is actually declaring or not, but if he does, will Mora reconsider his position and think twice about his suitors? As much as the Bruins have done to keep him here, what happens if the eyes of Texas come looking?

Mora and Texas don't seem like the natural fit at first, but the offenses at UCLA and Texas are similar, Mora has an excellent recruiter to bring with him in Adrian Klemm, a solid offensive playcaller in Noel Mazzone, and he'll have the keys to the number one football program in college football.

It will probably hinge a lot on what his star quarterback decides to do. If Hundley stays, Mora stays. If Hundley leaves, Texas might have a shot. We shall see.

What do you think will happen?