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Cal football recruiting: Nifae Lealao visiting, Troy Bacon offered, Noah Westerfield pulls a Ray Davison

Two key Cal defensive line an offensive line recruiting target are taking trips to Berkeley.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

So that list that JahvidKnowsBest assembled for you wasn't entirely complete. One big prospect that could really elevate the level of this 2014 recruiting class decided to make his trip.

Nifae Lealao, defensive end from Sacramento (Ca.), Capital Christian, is committed to Stanfurd. I have to admit that I didn't see this one coming, but this is what Justin Hopkins of 247Sports is reporting. Lealao is a major defensive line that we could desperately use. I'm not sure whether Lealao is reassessing his options or still hasn't received the necessary grades to qualify for Furd (it's happened before), but I'm glad he's giving us a second look. Lealao is considered a top 100 national recruit, a top ten defensive end and a top ten California recruit. He would probably become the most heralded player in this class if he decided to flip his commitment. That being said, this all becomes moot if Stanfurd does clear him for admissions, so don't get your hopes TOO high up there.

Two updates on other players we want.

Troy Bacon, offensive lineman from Hesperia (Calif.) Oak Hills, is committed to Boise State. We're at the time of the year where some of the best talent Cal can probably get will have to be flipped. And with Cal in need of offensive linemen, Bacon has become Zach Yenser's newest target. 247Sports with the story.

"I do have interest in Cal," Bacon said. "Cal was one of the schools I liked early. I told my parents about the offer and the first thing they said was, walk out with a Cal degree and you're set."

Bacon said he doesn't have the date locked in but he will take an official visit to Cal.

"I'm going to take a trip with my friend Kennedy Emesibe, I know he's going to be excited."

Noah Westerfield, defensive end from Frisco (Tx.), former Northwestern commit. Ray Davison Part II. Remember when Davison decided to take a trip to Cal and essentially broke Northwestern's rule regarding commitments (if you decide to take visits, you lose your offer?)? Westerfield is doing the same thing there, and Northwestern immediately filled up his scholarship space with James Prather, a former Memphis commit.

Noah Westerfield recently informed the coaching staff of his decision to visit California in the coming weeks. He knew the consequences, yet stuck with his decision. His de-commitment was first reported by

"I really thought about it a lot lately," Westerfield told in an exclusive interview. "I have to experience a lot of other campuses. I love Northwestern, but I'm seeing some other options."

It's worth noting that Westerfield doesn't even have a Cal offer, so he's going out on a lifeline here. UPDATE: Westerfield has an offer and the writer of this post is running the stairs of his local stadium as punishment. He'll be in town soon.